Monday raiding - Terrace is more fun than we've had in a while

After spending a fair number of raid days doing the same boss over and over (Empress, Garalon) this week has been pretty exciting for us.  A new raid, a new boss kill!

Monday was our day for Terrace - Yay!  We had all done LFR so we had an idea of how to do the bosses, but without the hard bits.  So off we went to do Council and after a few wipes because the bosses kept healing (nobody was purging the healing buff from the boss or he was standing in the water) we jiggled things a bit and we got that down.  Yay!  I do like the changes to mushrooms - at least they were mana free to cast!  Yes the global cooldown is annoying but in a 10 man not so much of an issue during down time.

On to Tsulong and that went quite nicely.  There was a little tree there on the side.  Roshii stood next to it and asked "What is this tree for?  Is it always here?"  and I had noticed it too, wondering why it had a name.  It looked a little bit like that tree you have to kill in Ulduar when fighting Freya.  "That's for an achievement," said Falln.  My ears pricked up.  Achievement?  Lucky Lushnek was paying attention because the poor tree was dying and he healed it. Our first attempt we hit enrage but I was getting stroppy because I would have the breath buff in Sunlight and then get feared for a few seconds losing me precious healing!  But Lushnek topped the charts in helaing - he has always been good at healing that fight as his offset heal set has a ton of crit on it and he was hitting 2 million a heal.  MAN. But, we got the achievement Who's got Two Green Thumbs? for saving the tree.  Thanks for healing the tree Lush!

Then onto Lei Shi and the hardest thing was the adds coming out and walloping me!  However, once we figured out the adds could be cc'd that was a lot easier and down went Lei Shi.  A big grats to Bish and Souglyy who got their Sha touched weapons!

We had a few pulls of Sha but we found that 3 healing it meant there wasn't enough DPS on adds, so we went to 2 heals.  Didn't get much headway but maybe another week we can give it a try again.

Everyone said what a fun time they had in Terrace - probably because we were facerolling it.  However, it's funny, that it seemed a lot easier than Empress - though we only did kill Empress this week - but that's also with a nerf on board.  I think everyone needed a fun day like that to put the fun back into raiding again.  Next week, Sha is going DOWN!


  1. I had a blast, i think eveyone did

  2. I had so much fun, it was fantastic!


  3. Yay!! Grats Frostwolves!

    Now I know what that tree is for. I wondered about it myself.


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