Minipost: Thursday raiding - Small steps on Empress but no bananas

Well, last night at least we got to the last stage where she does the fears!  That was partly because we had Moopie switching to Jujubrudda his shaman to help with heals and that made a difference to mana.  However, everyone was all yawnfest yesterday - Roshii had only 3 nights sleep after missing his plane back on Wednesday and stuck on a late flight which not only made him miss Wednesday's raid but he was plumb tired too, Lushnek was yawning, Bish was getting zombified, and Moopie was also tired.  So hopefully on Sunday when we're not all working and tired and had some rest, we will be killing that stupid bitch female insect on Sunday.

I was wondering whether we needed a casual healer who was happy to fill in on days we are short.  Now that Death's Finest probably won't join us (which isn't surprising but a little bit disappointing in terms of raid filling) we are sitting at the ALMOST 2 teams again.  With Soultouched here, and gearing up, hopefully we don't need another healer but I was thinking about it and I mentioned it to Broll, because I know he's been having some difficulty with getting turnups for his guild.  And he is an awesome druid healer.  Fue did say we don't need anymore druid healers and that's true, but Broll also has an LFR geared shaman and monk.  I wouldn't want to steal him from his guild (he is the raid leader of Guilty by Design after all) but I can understand his frustration at not being able to raid when people don't turn up.  However, I can see the annoyance at giving spots away to people outside when our guild roster is full, but every now and then, people are away, go on holidays, get sick, can't connect, have to work... and having that extra person who is happy to casually pool in and knows the fight already can be a help, ESPECIALLY if the only reason we can't raid is we dont' have a healer.  But that needs discussion, and I should head off to the officer forum now... though really, who is reading the guild site lately?  Ever since it went down, hardly anyone visits!  Which reminds me, I'll need to update that link.


  1. I do! But no one other than me posts stuff!

  2. I'll admit I hadn't checked it since it went back to a memorable url, whenever I wanted to look at it I would forget what the temporary one was.

    Our progress on empress last night was pretty huge though, now that we finally remembered to test keeping the Windblades alive :P Now that we're seeing p3 more and not dying in the first 2 seconds I think we'll get it on Sunday, as long as those darn druids don't stand in the purple stuff :P

    1. Totally my fault. When she went black I couldn't tell which was her ass...


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