Minipost: The Thunder King Trailer's Epic Verse

Yes, the video is awesome!  Yes the patch looks amazing!  Yes, the narration is fantastic!  Yes, I can't wait for the raid and all the new stuff including pets!

However, how can I not appreciate the amazing verse that comes with the video?  I wrote it out so I can read it and you all can appreciate it too!

Pandaria, her hills of gold
In dark and mournful times of old
Hid once a hopeless horror hold.
When from her sacred veil did spring
With storm and flash a monstrous thing
His name Lei-Shen, the Thunder king.
His thunder ruled across the land
And none who dared and fought could stand
Against the iron tyrant's hand.
A palace grand a walled domain,
Such mighty works born of his reign -
Built by slaves their hearts in chains.
But seasons change and tyrants die,
His furies spent in times gone by,
The thunder slept beneath Kun-Lai
By Zandalari hands He has been taken 
By Zandalari voice he has awakened
Gather heroes sound the drums
The Thunder King comes
The Thunder King comes


  1. Ooh... Reminds me of Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge....very cool Navi!

    1. I saw everyone had the video but I just want to hear the words!

  2. I agree the whole video was awesome!

    1. It was your site I went to see it Pando :)


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