Hanging with some cool peeps for the TNB 5.2 Round Table

I was excited and concerned when I got an email from Hydra inviting me for a round table this weekend!  I was excited because the other esteemed guests were all people from my blogroll!
And of course there is Fimlys and Hydra who are always fun to talk to!

Then came my concern.  What time was it supposed to be on?  It was 8pm Sunday Pacific and I looked that up and it was 5pm Monday.  Hmm, tricky, but doable... I'm supposed to take my daughter to dance class which finishes at 415pm, and by the time I get home it will be 445pm.  If I cook all the dinner before that (it's my day to cook for 7 people) then I can just nuke it all to warm it up.  Easy!

Then I thought... OMG, what do I know about patch?  I know some about pet battles, some on druids, a bit on the dailies... oh what am I worrying about, I've played it, I know a little bit!

Then I was sending messages to Amijade asking about the exact time (and then I saw him online in game) and he wasn't quite sure of the times either.

Then on Monday morning, I noticed a whole bunch of tweets complaining about daylight saving... oh what time would that make it?  Then I saw a tweet from Hydra

Which I realised made it 4pm!  That was bad! I thought what can I do... I could just talk on my phone's Skype... so I could talk a little whilst the kids are at dance class.

Which is what I ended up doing.  So I got on after dropping the kids at dance and when I was put in conference I realised that I had missed a lot already... was it starting at 3?  So I missed Sunnier talking about raids, and not sure what else.  I'll have to download the podcast and have a listen later.  I have talked to Amijade before so I knew his voice, but Rho sounded different.  I realised it's because he was talking much more animatedly than on Realm Maintenance.  And you know why?  He told me he was reading a script!  I never realised that, I thought he was just being careful to enunciate the words correctly for listeners.  I liked it.

Oh I tell you what was embarrassing.  I got on and gushed and about why I was late, chattered away about my excitement about being on with Sunnier, Rho and Amijade... then suddenly it dawned on me.

Navi: "Wait, are we live?"
Fimlys: "Uhh yeah, we're on."

Oh shit.  I just blabbered like an IDIOT live on the air.  Oh My GOD.  How embarrassing. /facepalm

With Rho, Amijade and Hydra there, there was lots of talk about the warlock green fire.  We also talked about world bosses and Rho made me laugh because he said "If one more person says 'Oh look Galleon is up!'" then he was going to slap someone.   I couldn't resist...

I had to AFK for a fair bit but I came back to talk about pet battles.  I didn't get to talk about druid changes but I got to comment on some of the other topics - fishing, the charms, the dailies, and changes to looting.  Rho had to go early but it was awesome to be a part of it all.  You should go check it out!


  1. Speaking of green fire, wheres my post! /sadface

    on-topic, sounds like a fun time! Amijade really knows her stuff bout the warlocks! If only she had some more room in her heart for Destro ...

    - Aza

  2. Galleon's up! Oh, this is great, perfect timing too since servers are down, I will go check you guys out!

  3. Hmmm, do they post the round tables or can you just listen live?

  4. I loved it! A few of us were asking, "Where's Navi?" in the beginning, but then they said you were running a bit late. Anyway, it was a great podcast. I continue to be jealous!


    1. I was hoping nobody would notice... and I couldn't see chatroom :*(

  5. A few weeks ago I had a draft in my mind titled "Why I Will Never Be Asked to go on TNB." It has much to do with my lack of manners and salty language, with a big helping of "I have no idea what I am doing." But you do know what you're doing, Navi! Congrats again - grand fun! And I apologize on behalf of the United States for Daylight Savings. We hate it too:

    1. Oh Matty... just think that you have us who are your biggest fans :) and if you were on ot one day I know you would be brilliant.


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