10 Days of Pet Battling Day 6 - What Pets Have You Got in your favourite Team(s)?

This post is part of my 10 Days of Pet Battles series.

I have so many pet battle teams, thanks to the Addon PetBattleTeams.  However, I do seem to use the same  pet from each class all the time.

I make my teams from a combination of:

Aquatic - Eternal Strider
As I mentioned in my favourite pets post, I like Pump with Water Jet and Healing Wave.  Was great for those Pandaren spirits (except one!)  You can catch this in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Dragonkin - Dark Whelpling and Spawn of Onyxia
The Dark Whelpling has Call Darkness, which decreases healing by 50% as well as increasing chance to miss, whereas Spawn of Onyxia has Scorched Earth, and a heal.  When up against heavy healing pets, I use my Dark Whelpling and I use Spawn of Onyxia for a bit of longevity.  I love Tail Swipe, so I really like having the last turn!  And I always use Take Off in my attack repertoire so at least I can avoid ONE round of attacks.

What kind of ridiculous pose is that, Spawn??

Beast - Amethyst Spiderling
I love the spider attacks.  Brittle Webbing is so awesome against those multi attacks!  Especially a certain Darkmoon Monkey.  And the Leech Life is so awesome when webbed.  I use the Poison Spit as well which adds a little extra sting each turn.

Critter - Rapana Whelk
I actually started using this after I saw others using it.  Critters have great escape abilities (ie more resistant to stuns and traps) and this one has a good avoidance attack as well as a heal.

Magic - Nordrassil Wisp and Oily Slimeling
I used to use Oily Slimeling for everything, but I do have a special spot for Nordrassil Wisp and that was on the Thundering Spirit for that goddamn burrowing charging pet.

Mechanical - Clockwork Gnome and Fluxfire Feline
Since patch, I have hardly used my Fluxfire Feline.  I tend to prefer healing abilities, and the Fluxfire is a damage machine not a long lasting one.  However, my Clockwork Gnome continues to shine with his little turret which does constant damage (awesome during lightning!)

Elemental - Water Waveling
I love Geyser, and the Frost Nova with Ice Lance.  I feel like a mage!

Flying - Amber Moth
I like butterflies and moths.  Of my flyers, this one has the highest attack power, and with the speed buff that flying pets have above 50% health, at least I can hit them hard, early.

Humanoid - Kun-Lai Runt, Gregarious Grell, Flayer Hatchling
I love humanoids!  My grell has a heal and an avoidance attack but he doesn't hit very hard.  However, Kun-Lai Runt is pretty awesome with his Frost Shock, Deep Freeze and Takedown.  I just love Flayer Hatchling because of the critter attacks and Focus.  I do miss reflection though, that was an awesome humanoid attack!

My Levelling team contains Eternal Strider and Spawn of Onyxia with my levelling pet.  I need healing pets and the sleep on Eternal Strider helps with a swap in and out.

My Capture team contains Eternal Strider, Terrible Turnip and Clockwork Gnome.  I think a lot of people use the Turnip for his Weaking Blow.

Phew!  I think I should play with my poor undeads more :)  They're a bit neglected!


  1. I have used Spawn of Onyxia from the very beginning (almost) and I keep her in there as often as possible. Very strong versatile pet, only downside in terms of keeping her as part of a catch-team, is her strong damage ability - she has accidentally killed several of the pets I wanted to capture. What a naughty little dragon!

    1. Yes she is naughty! Mine does that too - that buff the dragons get when the enemy gets below 25% health is often the killer! I should level my Onyxian Whelpling and see if she is as good.

  2. If you're still having issues with the Thundering Spirit's burrowing buddy, use a fast rabbit. If you time your use of dodge and his own burrow properly the rabbit will never get hit even once. They don't hit very hard so the fight can take a bit of time but being unhittable wins there. I've even started using another fast rabbit to take out the thundering spirit himself since reflect got nerfed.

    1. Hey Kevsmart, I might give that a try! I actually don't have trouble with the Thundering burrower anymore because my wisp does a good job with the block and causing a 50% reduction in accuracy (as well as the innate ability to not take more than half a health hit). I have never used my rabbits for anything - I think because I think critters are weak. A mindset I must change!

    2. I never did either until I read enough about it to make me try it, they don't hit very hard but those little suckers barely get hit. You want to use Flurry, Dodge, and Burrow on the rabbit (any rabbit with over 300 speed should work). Hit dodge any time he burrows, you'll dodge the burrow and the stone rush on the next turn. Flurry one turn, then burrow when his stone rush is back up. Repeat that pattern and you'll never even take a hit. Flurry will only hit for 60 a shot since Darnak uses a shield but without a heal he'll go down soon enough.

      For the spirit himself if you use dodge and burrow to avoid his stone shot as much as possible you can take him out pretty easily. Don't worry about his prison since you'll be going first in that turn and the prison will wear off immediately since the rabbit is a critter (I take it on purpose just to laugh at it). There certainly are faster ways to kill him but using rabbits makes it pretty easy.

  3. I avoid undead because they can't damage Aquatic all that well. BUT Unborn Val'kyr look so awesome. I am torn.



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