10 Days of Pet Battling Day 4 - Most Epic Pet Battles

This post is part of my 10 Days of Pet Battles series.

There are so many close calls, so many captures that some of them blur in my memory.  I think most people who struggled so long for their Minfernal remember exactly what they were doing when they caught their first and only one.  I have only 3 battles which seem to stick in my memory.

It was a Monday.  There was a Laid Back Raid happening and I had just caught my Arctic Fox kit thanks to Repgrind, and I was just swapping to my mage to move her away from Storm Peaks and go and camp over Minfernal and there was one there!  I even stopped talkng to JD in mid sentence to go battle..

JD was asking me something and I said "Can't talk! Minfernal!"  And I swooped down, hoping nobody was there and battled - thank Goodness I didn't have my low level pets on or I would have lost it!  When I got it I was so happy!  Then I went to raid.  And look who helped me with my capture - it's Aza, my Gregarious Grell!

Aza has saved me from many a tight spot - my other memorable battle involved him as well.  It was a PvP battle, and I was getting flogged.  2 pets down, the other guy had 3 pets still up, though 2 were low health.  Out came my Aza, and it was a close battle, but his phase shift and heal saved the day!  I guess it was lucky his last pet was a dragon or I wouldn't have won that battle, and I was super lucky with dodges which I am sure he was swearing at me for!  I was sure I was going to lose that fight, I don't know how I got so lucky.  I told Ancient about my awesome Grell and how proud I was of him, which led to a chain of events culminating in this post.

Then of course, there is my battles for a Sumprush Rodent... attempting to do it in the middle of the Alliance area (because Veluxia was opening a box and she's alliance), and forgetting to fix my pets for it = you stupid idiot.  The first time, I had my levelling pets on - one level 10 and one half dead 25 and the other was already dead /facepalm.  I swapped in something quickly for the next one...

And look at that, it must be one of the few times I took out an undead for some exercise because Li'l KT is there in my team!  And yes, it was a poor choice of team if you look carefully - 2 elementals and an undead versus a beast, a critter and an aquatic, but I think I was panicking at the time...

I am sure I will have many more epic battles to come.  I need to remind myself to take screenshots though!


  1. I spent a long time looking for a rare Devouring Maggot. So many hours, I was sure I wasn't going to find one. I was about ready to give up (although I think I am perpetually 'ready' to give up but I can't!) when I finally found one. YAY! It was a secondary to Fjord Wolf Pup. I defeated the first two pets and got the maggot down to 1hp with my Tina Turnip, I went to capture when IRL White Kitten jumped on to my keyboard! OH GOD, WHAT HAS HE PRESSED!?! I was scared! I moved him away and looked at my screen. LUCKY! Apparently the first key his fat foot pressed was #1, Weakening Blow. PHEW! I would have been so sad if he killed it!

    IRL White Kitten has actually won a few tamer battles for me. I think he really wants to play WoW or really doesn't want me playing!

    I've had a lot of really lucky cages that landed first time when my last pet would have died from one more hit.

    Sumprush was fun, you also had to deal with someone wanting to hurt you! I have had some interesting battles on PvP servers with people attacking me and knocking me out of battles, but none of those ended epically.

    1. That is a really cool battle! OMG if it had died you would have been all OMG NOOOOOO! I think IRL white kitten wants his own account.

  2. I like that last shot of the rodent on the bench :)

    1. I was surprised it got up there when I was battling!

  3. Could that sumprush rodent standing wary on the edge of the bench look any more perfect and adorable?

    1. I think it's so weird that it was on there yet cool at the same time!

  4. I think "Can't talk! Minfernal!" is an excuse to get out of anything!



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