Wednesday raiding - Not our cleanest HoF but our awesomest

Yay, we get to start in Heart of Fear this week.  We were hoping we could get to Ambershaper but you never know what kind of night we would have.  And I was feeling sick, with flu like symptoms and fever.  But that isn't going to stop me from raiding!  A couple of panadols is just what the doctor ordered.

Roshii was lagging badly, and he ended up having to sit out which was a shame.  He wasn't very happy about that.  Nor were we really.  We did play a little bit of musical raiders as people were sat out and then swapped back in.  Moo was there for the first 2, then swapped out for Garalon, Sev came in for Garalon, Falln came in to replace Roshii.... you can see what I mean.

Anyway, so we start with Vizier and Bish was having a shocker, dying to attenuation, got rezzed, then died again, leaving me alone, that bastard.  And thne I got mind controlled in phase 2 just before Force and Verve so I told everyone just to leave me be so I would live (and hopefully Lushnek could tranq or maybe Raked) and then I died, and then Roshii, Raked, Baha died but we ended up killing it.

Then on to Blade Lord and that was probably one of our better kills, people were MOSTLY making it to the end of the platform!  So that was good, for once!

Then Garalon, and I was a little distracted and I forgot to redo my glyph so I could help DPS - I let Lushnek worry about DPSing as a healer with Heart of the Wild - and then we hit enrage timer and we all died... except Fue... (please excuse my messy UI and quest log - at least my bags weren't open)

Fue was quiet after that attempt, but I was screaming yay!  Unfortunately I yelled so loud, I woke the kids up >< 

I said on Vent, "Fue, you must be feeling pretty chuffed right about now, yeah?"  To which he replied "Just a little bit."  LOL.  I bet he was :D

Then onto Wind Lord.  This was different, we used 2 tanks (yay mastery!) and I didn't think we were going to get it, but it was a little easier to heal.  We had 2 locks and 2 hunters and Lushnek, Bish and myself healing.  We were getting to phase 2 easily now (except for that time Fue went splat) - maybe a paladin tank DOES make a difference - but I did my usual stupid thing and stepped on a wind bomb.. AGAIN.  That caused a wipe.  But at that stage, I shouldn't feel so bad because there were already 3 or 4 dead before I stepped on the bomb, so TECHNICALLY I didn't kill EVERYBODY...

However, I felt better, because on a subsequent attempt, we nearly killed it and somehow Lushnek set off not one, not even TWO, but THREE wind bombs in one fight - within 20 seconds!!!  He felt terrible, but I told him that he did a great thing by making me feel heaps better.  But, we just went again, and we got Wind Lord down on our 6th go.