Wednesday raiding - The New Guy

I just want to kill Empress!  But it seems that not having the right group is holding us back....

Gutsy was uncontactable, Voe was nowhere, and Bladewind is still not around, so that left us one true healer short for HoF.  We even had 2 tanks this time.  Sev had mouse issues so he didn't really want to play.  Disco (now Soultouched - I think I prefer him as Disco so I am going to refer to him as such) was online because Concur didn't need him to raid that night, so Fue said why don't we run MSV for the new guy.

Excitedly I whispered Disco and said "You wanna raid?  We're running MSV for you!"  He seemed excited.  I told Neri we're taking her husband raiding and she said "What, are you crazy?  He just hit 90 on Sunday!" I did tell Disco he was going to be carried though LOL.

Moo wanted to bring his monk (curious, I thought he wanted the valour) but he was keen to get some agi gear for his monk.  Well, I told him he would have to get in line because I want first dibs on that stuff before an alt.  Luckily I have most things already from MSV.  Everyone teased me because I don't tank but HEY that might change now that we have another healer.

Aza sat out and I asked if Sabre could come because he ALWAYS sits out.  So the troupe of Raked, Fue, Bish, me, Lushnek, Souglyy, Sabre, Falln and Jadeblossom (Moo's monk) and Disco set off!

We started off a bit messy on the dogs with a wipe and then we got it second go.  And the healing belt dropped again!  Wouldn't you know, it drops at the end of a patch when I've been trying to get it all 5.1.... Then we did Feng and I just had to quickly tell Disco we run left with the fires (and wouldn't you know, he was the first with the fire), and that was all good.  No loot for him yet :(

On to Garajal and when I told him we used a mod, he was pleased because he used that mod too.  With 3 healers it was a bit of a yawn fest but towards the end it was getting ugly.  Maybe I should have used Ironbark but it was ok in the end.  Fist weapon dropped for Moo's monk.

On to Spirit Kings and that was also breezy with 3 heals.  Disco said something I had never thought of before.  "Do you want me to freedom the person who is pinned with arrows?"
I was surprised.  "I didn't know you could do that.  Our other PALADIN has never offered to do that before.  FUE!!!"
"I didn't know if it would work," said Fueghan.
"Lazy ass paladins," said Lushnek.
I said that only Souglyy gets pinned anyway, and I was right, she was pinned again, and good old Disco cast freedom.... on himself.  Well, I guess I still won't know if that works or not.

We got to Elegon and we were worried a little with DPS because we were 3 healing it, but Bish went atonement and helped out with DPS so we got it down reasonably well, but healing in the end was a bit tough!  And wouldn't you know it, Moo's sword that he wanted, Starshatter, dropped, and everyone who could use swords already had it, and the healing plate helm dropped too.  So Disco walked away with an awesome offspec sword AND a new hat!

We had a yukky first pull of Will of the Emperor - Fue died and I teased Bish and Disco because he was their baby to heal.  I was healing Whatsy Raked and he was doing ok.  But that fight was a bit punishing on mana and Disco had been hitting mobs to get mana back which was why Fue died.  We only had time for one more go, and fortunately we got it down!  I used my roll and I got the trinket - though... not sure if I want to swap my Relic of Chi-Ji for Qin-Xi's Polarizing Seal at this stage and I still love my Jade Courtesan Figurine too... so not sure what I will do with this new trinket.  Maybe I'll keep it for some mana intensive fight.

But I was happy, Disco seems keen to raid, and I got him buttered up with a crafted plate chest from Moopie too, so hopefully, fingers crossed, my healing blues are over!