Wednesday raiding - Empress sucks!

This healer shortage is a real struggle.  I can't believe that 3 of our healers are no longer raiding.  I mean, it's not just us, lots of guilds are having this same problem I'm sure.  It's just me and Bish and poor Lushnek is offspec healing.  His gear is not bad but healing is not his thing, and he doesn't really love it, so it's not quite the same as having a mainspec healer.  We extended the raid and we're going at Empress - last week we had 4 healers and now we're at 2 and 3/4 healers (though Lush keeps putting his healing down, it's not that bad).  I just feel BLAH about it all.

A plague of connection problems affected Fue (as well as some weird keyboard problem that made him walk backwards and his Push to talk was on permanently so we could hear everything), as well as Raked and Souglyy.  I thought we were doing ok when things were all nice and connected, but I guess we're back to square 1 again.  I had a few deaths from explosions ugh!


In other news, today I got a whisper from some called Quesdemonque from Deaths Finest.  He wanted to talk to Fue, about a merger between our guilds.  I offered to help him, but he wanted to talk to Fue.  I know his guild, it's a PvP guild on our server.  Execute went there.  Anyway, what he wanted was to merge our guilds.  I was a bit skeptical at first, but he said he wanted to lead RBGs and have more people to play with in RBG, but specifically they wanted High Warlord Azadelta.  I was quite excited by the idea of a whole bunch of PvPers joining our guild - not only could we do rated BGs, but we could use a few to backfill our own raids!  Ques talked about how most of the guilds are collapsing and soon there would be only 4 big horde guilds left on the server, as The Empire was transferring off server.  I said that we were unlikely to collapse because our guild is old and made up of a core group of people who are all now friends.  I hope I wasn't wrong when I said that!  But I asked Fue later and he thought it was an alright idea.  I wonder if they will really come?


  1. As someone who has been through a couple guild mergers, be careful. They don't always go the way you want and most of the time core people will break off and create their own guild, thus defeating the purpose.

    Speaking of small population servers, last night I logged into Lyssi prior to the raid and I got two random people /cheering at me.

    Apparently it is now noticed that SR is #1 on the server (DEFAULT FTW!) and these people were wanting to find out if we needed pugs. They had been trying to talk to someone from SR but could never find anyone online. I told them we just log in to raid for the most part. and they wouldn't find us online much. The whole thing is amusing.

    As for the healer issue, Slice was just saying last night how he wished we could do cross server raids because he was wanting to help you guys out and get you guys the kills. :(

    1. We have had our share of guild absorbs, believe me. A huge influx of army guys beefed us up for ICC 25 and then they left and left us in a rut. A guild alliance back in TK/SSC days seemed like a good idea but loot sharing was what killed that. Our guild is large enough to weather anything that goes wrong. The core of raiders and Frostwolves are people who have been there for 5+ years and we're not going anywhere, and we have newer ones who also will not leave. But the good thing is that they are PvPers not raiders, so what they do will likely not affect our raiding at all, and as long as they are all pleasant and not dicks then it should go ok. I do look forward to new blood though!

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    1. I just deleted a spam which said something similar, Matty! LOL!

    2. That spam had an avatar! At first I thought it was a real person!

  3. We've had the potential to merge a couple of times, but it's not come about in the end. We're a well established guild, been going for years - when mergers are suggested they sound cool to begin with, when you're just thinking about more people to fill raid slots, etc. However, when you get down to the details - what happens to the individual guilds .. does everyone move over from one to another, does everyone who wants to do X stop in one guild, and everyone wanting Y go to the other? Does the name change to reflect the merge? What happens to the guild vaults .. what happens to the ranks for those merging into a guild? Do you set up an entirely new guild ... *sigh* .. all complicated stuff that, in the end, most people object to dealing with.

    The only way we've been able to solve this problem is via a guild alliance. Separate guilds, with a shared chat channel and a shared calendar (Group Calendar addon works for this, although not as well as it used to).

    We successfully ran raids, etc, via an alliance for a couple of expansions, but in the end the other guild just broke up ... their leadership wasn't particularly strong, meaning that I (as GM of the other guild) often ended up having to troubleshoot their problems. Hard work when you have your own guild to think about as well :-)

    The benefit of a merger, however, is that boss kills "count" as guild kills. Generally if you're in an alliance, they don't. I suppose it depends what is important to your guild ..

    1. It isn't going to be a merger, because I did say that we wouldn't change our name. Because they're PvPers I doubt they will interfere much with our raiding schedule because they'll probably be PvPing whilst we raid. Even our guild leader said, when presented with the idea "Cool! More guild achievements!" And if there is dissent, some will leave I guess. But that would just put us to where we were before.

  4. Mabe frostwolves should xfer to a more populated server................just a thought.Then we could have as many healers as we need and mabe start up raid group 2 again


  5. We're not so desperate yet to consider a move.

    We haven't looked at recruiting until now because we didn't realise Voe had stopped raiding altogether, Bladewind wouldn't be coming back & that Gutsy only wanted to raid a little now and then. All that info arrived in the last 1-2 weeks. We'd been going along with Lushnek healing until one of those came back, but now that we know they aren't we might recruit one to fill the gap.

    I was keeping my fingers crossed that Hwired might want to heal but it turns out he only wants to be casual for now as well :(

    Hopefully Voe is online Sunday and we can punch that Empress in the face something good & find out if he plans to come back for 5.2


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