Wednesday Raiding - Ambershaper down!

Fue decided to extend the raid - yay!  So that meant we could work on Ambershaper.  I was a little worried because we didn't have 3 full healers and I was worried about healing, but Lushnek seemed to have clicked with healing and did an amazing job this time!  He healed the same as me!  Bish, of course, kicked our asses as disc.

It was going a lot better, we were getting the phases down nicely, controlling our explosions and even though the kill wasn't clean, and only Raked was alive at the end, it was pretty cool.  And the items that dropped were totally droolworthy!  Tier legs and a spirit ring!  Roshii got legs and I got the ring and we had to roll for it because DKP hasn't been updated in forever.  Raked won the pants and Bish won the ring, but Raked gave it to Rosh and Bish gave it to me.  Awwww, so nice!

We spent the rest of the evening on Empress.  I was a bit tired, so I didn't quite follow and I hadn't watched the video.  The funny thing, I have done it on LFR but have no idea what is going on!

So in layman's terms, the yellow swirlies blow up doing lots of damage to everyone.  Run in there when you have the debuff and when you're inside and casting it sucks up your energy until it explodes.  You can't get healed while you stand in the yellow swirly.

So then in phase 2, she runs away and adds come and they pack a wallop!  But tomorrow I swear I will watch the video and come more prepared.

Good work Frostwolves!  Hopefully we can get through this bit before 5.2!


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