Thursday raiding - Falln lived!

Falln was a bit squishy, I was told, for Will of the Emperor on Wednesday.  So I was awake (only just! I liked the nickname Sev gave me - Snoozymie) and  ready to hit up Heart of Fear, but people still wanted to do MSV Emperor for trinkets and the like.  Roshii was having net problems, Fue's back still hurts, and Bladewind... well was gone with the wind.  Voe was probably playing basketball.

Aza was not pleased - in fact, he was not pleased for a number of reasons.  We had no mastery, we have an offspec tank, and because Falln was so squishy (we did have one attempt and boy was my mana rooted after only 10% of the boss) we made Lushnek heal offspec, making us lose our haste buff, forcing Souglyy to use her sporebat and then we had to lose out on 10% attack speed.  Sabre was using the corehound for bloodlust, so it was musical pets.  I love this video I saw on WoWInsider.

Nearly died to adds in Emperor because Az was grumpy with our raid and didn't want to hit adds.  But, with  us 3 healing and poor Lushnek OOM because I told him it would be fine if he kept his intellect flask instead of using a spirit one and maybe that wasn't such a good idea.  Anyway, it was fine, it was killed and people got loot.  On to Heart of Fear!

We had a lousy first attempt at Vizier - I DIED to attenuation /embarrassed.  Then everyone decided to follow suit and die.

The next attempt Sabre and Moo died.  Moo got MC'd and feared under the boss and got hit by attenutation there.  Wipe!

The third attempt, funnily enough, went really well, and we got a new record kill.  Hmm, go figure!

I seemed to have hit my head after my first death.  It seemed to take my memory of Whatsie Raked away..

Someone: Who's tanking?
Navi:  Thingie will tank it with Falln.
Raked:  Thingie? THINGIE?!
Navi (to Falln): Are you wearing your new pants now?
Falln: No, I'm still wearing my DPS pants.
Navi: Well, put on your new pants.  It will make it easier for me to heal you.
Sabre: I can do your leg enchant.
Lushnek: I could do it but I don't have hide.
Navi: Get Raked to do it. He's a leatherworker.
Raked: What? I am enchanter!
Navi:  Oh.  Oops.
Raked:  First Thingie... now you don't know what I do... I see how it is.

Falln got new pants and we made him wear it.  Everyone chipped in with gems, leg enchants... and he was all nice and shiny and ready to go. And we got Bladelord down, it wasn't pretty but we lived.

By then we'd had enough.  We can do Garalon some other day.  But I want to get past it!  Raiding seems so stuck lately with bad turnups and this one group of 10s has made everyone disappear because there was no spot for them.

Shab got on just after raid - in time for a few ABs - we won the first few and lost the last one.  The last one was a real challenge, because the Alliance were really well organised and excellent at reinforcing their bases, that we couldn't quite get on top of them, though our efforts were commendable.  All the BGs were pleasant, there was no yelling or abuse, so a nice finish to the evening.


  1. People should just be happy we had a nother tank or there would have been no raid!! Cant believe people get upset over a video game.


    1. I don't think Aza was upset about your tanking. He was just upset that we are missing main spec tanks and we're not going forward.

  2. Sorry guys, my net didn't want to play nice last night :( -Rosh

    1. All good - hey we even got a record kill without you! o.O

  3. You did great Falln, thank you for giveing it a go :) Without you we would not have been able to raid.


    1. I did laugh when he said "Save me Navi" and then I was trying to so hard to keep him alive that thingie died instead. I mean Raked.

  4. Thursday I was out to dinner with my best friend, farewelling him to his honeymoon !

    I do check with Hk on raiding nights if you guys need people,

    I'm glad you got to raid though

  5. That video is freaking funny



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