Thursday raiding - Amber shaper whipping us in shape

It takes some getting used to this fight.  I was petrified I was going to stuff it up!

Bish said he wasn't coming, so I asked Bladewind to come, and he said he couldn't because he had something on.  Then I asked Gutsy to come, and he hates Heart of Fear, especially Blade Lord, because he's just retarded not good at avoiding cyclones.  So I told him it was the 5th boss and there were no cyclones so he would be ok.  He said he would come, maybe a bit late.

So I was surprised and pleased to see that Bladewind AND Gutsy turned up!  3 mainspec healers?  Cool!  However, it meant raid was over by two, so Fue sat out because he was feeling dozey after having medications for his back pain again, and Aza didn't want to raid without Fue so he left raid as well.

Phase 1 is easyish.  Run away when you have amber scalpel because it leaves dotty stuff, don't have your blob die near other blobs, don't stand in the pools, don't heal people with the ticking debuff unless they are about to die.  I can do that.  Healing that phase is pretty boring.  It's the second phase that is interesting when the monstrosity comes out.

Because it was so yawn worthy, I just moonfired on the blobs, and spent my time trying to draw shapes with my Amber Scalpel.  I was trying to draw a loveheart, and I think I did pretty good on this go!

Now, I had watched the Fatboss video, but I was still a bit anxious about what to do in phase 2 and 3.  Fortunately, which healer did RNG decide to make a fool out of for going first and not knowing what to do? Gutsy!  Yes! /pumps fist

So Gutsy stood there not quite knowing what to do when he was transformed, and everyone was picking on him for standing around and not doing anything, but inside I was thinking "OMG that could have been ME and everyone will think I'm the dumbass!"  And wouldn't you know it, Gutsy had the next few turns going first.

"It's easy!" everyone said.  "Just hit 1 on the boss, interrupt his thing, and hit 2 to interrupt yours.  Oh and you run out of will each time you cast so you need to drink puddles to get it back up and if you run out of will, you'll die."

Easy.  Riiiiiiiight.

So I was transformed for the first time, and I see the little bar of will on the bottom of the screen.  OK, I can do this and I see the action bar ... what was 4 again?  Oh wait, I have to go hit the boss.  So I hit tab, thinking I'll hit the only hostile thing in the room.  Of course, I forgot that these things are hostile to the raid (I mean DUH, we're supposed to DPS them to 20% so people can jump out of them, so of course they're hostile /smacks head) so for a little while I was beating up on BP, Souglyy's wolf pet.  When I realised, I was like OH SHIT, maybe nobody noticed that, where's the boss where's the boss..

Oh there he is!  Ok, right click him to autoattack, they said.  Oh he's yellow.  Ok, 1, 1, 1 wow this will bar goes down a bit. OMG, DBM is screaming a countdown from 5 at me, and I hit 2.  Oh, is that too early?  I was thinking it was like Ultraxion's countdown, where you have heaps of time.  Oh oops, I think I missed that one.  Oh WOW, will went down a lot, must eat puddle. Ok back to the boss - oh wait the countdown AGAIN!  This time I'm waiting till one and I see a little cast time and I hit it yay!

Oh, I was so busy concentrating I didn't realise almost everyone was dead.  OH they must have died when I missed my own explosion!

Ok, that might have been amalgamation of 2 attempts, but you get the idea.  I wish I had more time to practice it!  Falln told me to do LFR over and over and over but I have done the second half of HoF and never been turned into one of those mini-angry-Rhyolith things.

So some progress.  We still have Sunday and Monday!


  1. Gutsy should come back and raid fulltime with us, probably one of the best heals the guild.


    1. Don't puff his head up. And he hates HoF. I'll make him come for MSV though :) And he likes to raid, but he gets sleepy. I'm not sure what it is with priests and zombietime.

  2. Oh, this boss, I do not like it at all!
    My guild killed this boss while I was on holiday so when I came back almost everyone knew it very well and they always talked about how easy it was and how dumb you are if you fail etc.
    So I was super nervous to become one of those mobs. Of course I knew which button to use and when, but none told me or explained properly if I should drink for power or not, cause the first time I did press the right button when targeting and standing at the boss, but it didn't work :S
    I rarely fail but I just don't understand this boss.
    Not looking forward to doing it again on Sunday :(


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