Thursday and Sunday raiding: Trying Queen Bee

Well, we're making SOME progress!

Tonight we got to see phase 3 for the first time (though I don't think I had any mana left).  Healing was a bit iffy at the beginning (ie we hadn't sorted out who was healing which tank) and then we had to juggle a bit to get which priest with with druid for the tanks (me and Bish tend to have more mana than Lush and Gutsy).  Had a bit of flak from the DPS for us healers sucking at healing, which made my hackles rise a little, but I calmed down after a bit.

DPS was tight and Lush switched to Heart of the Wild and that was enough to get us the DPS we needed.  I really need mana for that third phase though.  I think I went into it with 0 mana.. gulp.

I think it was the first time I saw the big crystal for trapping.  And so that was good, because I got to see the big adds trapped in the crystal.  I was a bit spazz about being the target (red lined) for an add last time, but this time it wasn't so bad and I even managed to dump my amber stuff in the right place - phew!

I don't know if others do it with 4 heals but it's going ok with 4 heals, though the DPS probably feel like they could have a little extra with them.  Slice told me they did it with 3 heals but they had a paladin - it would be awesome with a paladin beaconing one tank and healing the other for adds phase!

But I think overall, everyone was pleased.  I certainly was.  I look forward to seeing how far we get it tomorrow.  I hope we can get it down before patch :)


  1. I have a good feeling about tonight, must be some kind of pre jinx i guess



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