The Collected Poems of Navi's Blogiversary

Phew!  I think I used up all my creative juice for the month!

I have been really busy each day trying to write a line or two for each person who left me a message on my blog birthday - I did promise I would pen a verse or two!  So too bad if you hate poetry, Navi serenaded you with words anyway!  I sent most of these out to people and I will fix the links to the posts where they put it, but here is every poem I wrote for all my friends.  Thanks guys!

Kamalia has so many alts
Their names all start with K
They're all dressed up with gorgeous mogs
It takes one's breath away.

She's also handy with a brush
Her artwork is divine
They're all so good! It's hard to choose
This one's a fave of mine.

Stoppable Force
There's Zulfon, the unholy knight
'Twas born a Darkspear troll
He yearned to be a crazy loon
The biggest nut of all.

With help from Gako, grind he did
Pirates and gobins slain
It's all paid off coz now he is
Great Zulfon the Insane.

I pondered on this choice of name
This toon who lurked a year
Of all the catalcysm fish
With these I'd shed a tear.

Vendor fodder, 'til Four-oh-six
Blizz made a recipe
So I'd cook it o'er a warm fire
Then vendor THAT in glee.

Antler Girl
That Bloody Sil confuses me
Is her hair really blue?
I always thought her hair was blonde
The Dutchie showing through.

How little does she realise
The power of her voice
D'you think she knows she makes 'em swoon?
Sexy accents are CHOICE!

Tyledres is my hero coz
She solos Razorgore
She even wrote a handy guide
So everyone can score!

I hope she gets her undead cat
And raid pets drop real soon.
I tried to help her out but she's
An honest kind of toon.

A dear blog friend, a gentle soul
Yet feisty when she's roused
When I'm enraged she comforts me
With her my ire is doused

Secret lessons are hid within
Her clever fairy tales
Yet sometimes they're concealed so well!
To astound she never fails!

If she could choose a nemesis
A foe so eternal
Would be that sneaky living rock
They call it minfernal.

Fable, myth, or conspiracy
A spawn in a blue moon
Her luck will bloom, I'm sure of that
I hope she gets one soon!

So generous, in time and gifts
Inspiring me to be
A better cow, a better gal
To all of those 'round me.

His transmog comps are pillars in
Our blog Community.
Presented in a polished way
There's one now, go and see!

My dearest friend, what would I do
Without him in a raid
I always steal his innervates
And tranq when my tranq's greyed.

His company and patience when
He quests with one like me.
Would drive a normal person mad,
I guess I'm just lucky!

The beauty of a blog lurker
Is that you never know
That they are there, but once you do
Thrills start to overflow.

I'm curious, I want to know
All 'bout you, everything
Do you raid, farm or PvP
And what is your WoW bling?

Loyal friend, and generous heart
He'll help his friends with needs
He Strives for game perfection and
He loves his Warcraft steeds.

He has an awesome transmog look
Envy of all orc maids
Dark and stealthy as rogues should be
And epic as his blades.

If you admire Azeroth
You might see Jojo 'round
Screenshots galore of scenery
We're lots alike, I've found.

We both love pets, and love to fish
Some call us plain crazy...
Persistance pays, she won the Comp!
And Salty both are we!

I wonder who this reader is
Their comment gives no clue
Do they write? Or perhaps podcast?
And are they red or blue?

A search reveals a US toon
Exactly the same name
Could that be him? Should I drop by?
What chances it's the same?

How do you make Aldonza brave?
A shy and quiet thing.
Fighting monsters is not her style
She'd rather be cooking.

There's still xp with daily quests
Catching fish is easy
Fighter she will never be, for
Blood makes her quite queasy.

She works hard with a bit of luck
Drops seem to go her way.
She camps and farms and quests and fights
I swear she plays all day.

Nat Pagle was her best buddy
One fortnight into MoP.
And pet battles, addicted much?
She tries but she can't stop!

Lucky me, for I have been blessed
To meet this gentle soul.
Kind, good tempered, forgiving...
How good, you might not know.

Enthusiastic like a child.
Like me, he's chuffed to see
The people in this game we play
And like me, he goes SQUEEE!

A bitch, she tells me, self confessed
Yet mellowed now with age
I wouldn't change a single thing
I've yet to see her rage!

We laugh at all the dirty jokes
We giggle at crude pics
She understands my need to vent
And need a bitching fix!

Do you know why I like Pando?
I'll tell you why I do
She loves the game as much as I
And blogs about it too!

From early on I've followed her
And read me back did she
I've yet to meet her in the game
One day I'll get lucky!

It seems like a long time ago
Since we became blog friends
I recall trying to catch you
Drove me around the bends.

And since that time we've talked about
Such things like life and game.
You coax and you inspire me -
Wish I could do the same!

A cutesy little gnome is she
Who packs a massive punch
Don't make her mad, because she spits
That wretch would steal your lunch!

Her blog is really interesting
I'm sure you have all heard.
Though shy at first, her warmth shines through
In every written word.

How do I keep thoughts pure and clean
When writing about Slice?
His woman Lyss likes telling me
Things naughty and things nice.

I like how you read all my fic
And nice comments you send.
I like how all your toons are girls
I love how you're my friend :)

I remember your first visit
Supportive, warm and kind.
I wrote for you this little verse -
I hope that you don't mind :)

I wonder how your goblin is
No posts since October!
I wonder if you still play WoW...
I'd like to pop over!

Amazes me how friendship grew
From such a simple thing.
A wave hello, a photo shoot
While we were pet battling.

You honour me with awesome gifts
You really are too kind
You make me glad that we are pals
You are a priceless find.

How did I ever cope without
Your super awesome blog?
With maps and pics and coords too -
My beacon in the fog!

Though rare spawns are your strongest point
There's more to you than that
You also dress impeccably -
To you I tip my hat!

I said it once, I'll say it twice
'bout how alike are we
In blogging and our game playing
And even clothes, I see!

It wasn't a surprise to hear
A fan gave you a pet!
I only wish I'd thought of that -
So glad that we have met :)

A site more beautiful than Cym's
Is very hard to find.
Her pics well framed, and great costumes
Look longer! She won't mind.

Silver dragons and novelties
And transmogs oh so fine!
Achievements, rares and pets are here -
She's the queen of grand design!

Once upon a time there was
A Land of PvP
A mage joined in arena games
All guildies then were we.

Exciting games we've had since then
Those thrilling highs and lows
Nothing beats a challenging fight -
And scoring killing blows!

If you asked me to describe Az
Our Frostwolves destro lock,
He's young, he's smart and packs a punch -
He burns and wreaks havoc.

And like his flames, his temper flares
He expects lots from you.
He's helpful, loyal, so treat him well
And he will love you too!

Doctor in Progress
Her med school days remind me of
Fun I had long ago
And peppered amongst science tests
Her thoughts on Warcraft flow.

I thank you for the note you left
When to my blog you came.
And hope in life you'll brighten lives
Much like you do in game.

Sometimes I think how everything
Has changed since I met you.
Giving gifts shows character
Want to be like that too!

Twas fun to have you in our raids
And also in BGs
It's coz of you I'm baller now
You have to stop me PLEASE!!!!

Of all the lurkers of my blog
The only one was you
Who wrote to me so I could know
A little 'bout you too.

I visited your server but
You weren't online that day
But never fear I shall return
I stick to what I say!

Of all my readers, only Dah
Has come across Frosties
In dungeons, BGs, LFR
Amazing what he sees!

I guess it helps because he's in
The same timezone as me
I always praise his writing skills
He denies it - bashfully!

A blogger and a healer who
Just wants to be insane.
She also sketches skillfully -
A night elf priest's her main.

I'm glad I got to know her more -
I read her indepth post.
So kind she let me screenshot her
She was an awesome host :)

It's years since we both joined this guild
And look where we're today
A friend in game and in real life
Ne'er thought we'd be this way.

At home or at your parent's house
You cannot hide from me!
Who else would laugh at your bad jokes?
But your fool friend, Navi!

Now who is Cain? I see him 'round
On Repgrind's blog and mine
He keeps himself well hidden, though
That's prolly by design.

I know he has no bagspace and
He has 2 warlocks too.
He is a relic hunter, and
Hope one day I'll meet you :)

She's having fun in laid back raids
Achievement spam is win!
Delgadita's out of her shell
So fun it's almost sin!

She figured out that reference
'bout Lost and Diablo.
She's ready now for LFR
I'll cheer her on - GOGO!

A druid fair and oh so wise
Her knowledge is supreme
I turn to her when I need herlp
Being like her is my dream

Her guild seems like a tight knit group
(observing from guild chat)
Thrilling seeing heroic kills
Wish I could be like that!

I'm very pleased to meet you Al!
So nice of you to show :D
I'm curious 'bout your WoW history
Inquiring minds must know!

I wonder if you're red or blue?
Or maybe green or white!
If you have fur or horns or tail
Or if you play at night.

Of all the people I have met
No one is as polite.
You greet all players entering
As we prepare to fight.

Your stories are so exciting
Your friendships strong and true.
Your BG skills are awesome, mate!
So glad that I met you :)

Josh Augustine
That Josh he is a busy guy!
He reviews pet combos.
And tries them out in PvP
And shares all that he knows.

Like me he loves his Clockwork Gnome
Though that team soon went dry
Each week I enjoy listening
To what new thing he'll try :)


  1. Awesome, and as always, sweet :)

  2. What a big read before i go to work, amazing job Nav.. your talent continue's to soar and amaze me. I love it


  3. OMG how did I miss that anniversary?? :-( Now I have GUILT! ARGH!

    1. Aww! No need for guilt! Sometimes my posts get overlooked coz there are a few of them...

  4. Dude those are so awesome! :D

    I think I have over used that word on this blog in the last few days.

    1. Yes you have, but that's ok :) I appreciate the compliment <3

  5. Awesome job on all those poems! I don't think I could come up with that much creativity.

    I'm not hiding, I'm right here ;-)

    1. I can't access your details when I click on you :( so I couldn't email it. I was trying hard to research all the blogs I have seen you visit to get some hints but didn't have much luck! So, where do you hide? :)

  6. Wow, Navi, that is one outstanding collection. I love how unique and thoughtful each of these little poems is. You, my dear, are simply amazing. <3 <3 <3

    1. Massive compliment from you my dear friend, thank you :) You always say and do the nicest things. Your visits are awesome!

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Cym :) I quite liked the one I wrote you.

  8. Navi for ruler of the world!

    But it;s been an honor to know you Navi! Your optimism is contagious!

    1. Ruler of the world? Bleh! I'm happy with my tiny corner of Azeroth :)

  9. This is why everyone loves Navi! <3

    They are all amazing!

  10. /reported for spoemming =P

    Awesome work as always, Navi!

  11. They are all wonderful! I don't know how you do it!

    1. Because I'm a silly Billy lol
      It takes a bit of time though. Sometimes just can't get a good line. But im glad you approved ;)

  12. I saw your comment, thank you so much! Came at a good time :)

  13. Wow Navi. These are wonderful. Yuo can really tell how much thought you put into making each of them personal :)

    1. Thank you Malkshake :) it was quite fun to write as well. I got some good giggles and also had a nice time reading blogs to research what to write :)

  14. Oh your writing hand must be in pain after all these creative poems poured out. On that note, your a really great writer - these are so cute, funny, and just spot on! I went back to read the original post (don't know how I missed it last month) and as I suspected it's awesome too!! Gratz everyone!


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