New rares this week

Quiet on the achievement front for me!  But I did manage to snag a few new rares pics this week.

One minute he wasn't there, the next minute he spawned.  That was rather accommodating of him.
Yay!  Got one without others ninja'ing it.
Kun-Lai always sets my NPCScan off!
In Townlong, and has an annoying number of adds around.  Not sure what it's like to solo as  I had Sev and Lushnek with me.


  1. Oh darn, I wish Sasche would take a minute to take a screen shot first. She met Korda Torros yesterday and didn't even take his picture before ... well you know, lol.

    1. Remind me not to take Sasche rare screenshotting with me.

  2. I turned off my NPC scan because it kept startling me. For one tough lady, I can be a wuss sometimes. Thanks for these shots so when I am brave enough to turn it back on I will know what they look like!


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