New rares for my collection

I found it rather amusing that I didn't find any rares that were the same type!  I should make a trip into the old areas to see all these new rares!  But first things first, must screencapture every single Pandaren rare!

Had Lushnek come help me with this one.  A lot of adds hanging around!
He has funny actions.  He also does some sort of eating or nibbling emote.  Hozen!  Hilarious!
I was flying to help Falln and Souglyy with their Legendary chain  which was a mob in the Alliance area with a lot of health.  Saw this on the way over.  Took a pic and thought I'd get him on the way back.  And what do I find?  Raked kills him on the way back and even though we were in the same raid, I was too far to get credit!  Damn it!
I find it a bit odd that an undead is a champion of hte light.  But I got a good pic of Muerta, when she doesn't have Alliance beating on her.  Love those shoulders.
Pandaren are cool, they are always non agressive so I can get nice and close for a good shot.