Navispam: Unobscuring Obscurefox

Obscurefox lurks around on a number of blogs I frequent.  She also visits my own blog too, and I read her at PuG a Day and other Nonsense.  I spent a long time digging through her blog trying to find where I could visit her, and I managed to find her DK, and sent a message.  She has a lot of alts.

Imagine my surprise, when I was dallying around on Navimie doing pet battles/chatting and I got a whisper from someone, telling me they got my message on their DK and they wanted to say hi because that account was about to be deactivated.  I remembered I had sent a mail, but I forgot who I had sent it to.  I racked my brain for a bit, was it Calcetti?  I asked if she was Calcetti and hit enter when I realised, NO YOU STUPID NAVI, Calcetti doesn't have a blog!  They were one of the lurkers!  Now whose blog was it....

I had to be embarrassing and ask who it was.  And she told me she was Obscurefox.

I was thrilled! Yay! Now I don't have to hunt down all her alts trying to spam her :D

I was chatting away and I asked her if she minded if I took a picture with her, because I like reading her blog.  She said that was ok, she was only laying plague barrels.  That's weird.  That's not a starter quest...

And I realised she was a level 40 something.  "Oh!" I said.  "You're so high level!"

"I've been here for a few years," she said.  Oh my gosh, wow really?!  On my server all along, how cool!  Though of course technically she's not on any server in particular because she has a bevy of alts AND a few accounts too!  The DK I messaged was on an account she was deactivating.

Art by Obscurefox
So off I went to see her, and she was reserved and shy, but I was so curious about her.  Which toon does she like to play the most?  Her kids play too - where?  How old were they?  She said that she was sorry she couldn't join in on Zwingli and Matty's surprise gift as she was busy with stuff, and I told her not to be silly - her son was sick with a ruptured appendix!  Why was she on an oceanic server, was she in Oceania?  She said she was American, but she had been playing some other games with Singaporeans so she followed them to WoW and they played here.  She also shyly admitted she was an artist, and I was surprised - I hadn't seen any artwork on her blog. She said her kids also like to draw.  Of course, I had to go look... and I hope she doesn't mind if I just show one of her drawings here... too cool to be kept quiet, right?

She said she had seen me a few times on the server - I was all o.O!  And do you know where she saw me?  Camping Minfernal!  I was a little worried - Minfernal brings out the worst in people, I could have been a Navizor...

(I was telling this to someone, and they said "Oh, I can't imagine you being mean,Navi," and I said "You know, minfernal brings out the worst in everyone - say, one minfernal spawns, and you're amongst a whole bunch of strangers, you've been sitting there for 4 hours.  Tell me, what are you going to do? You're gonna fly ASAP to that spot and yell at everyone GET AWAY FROM MY MINFERNAL!!!" LOL)

But back to my story.

She said she was a bit scared of talking to me, but she wasn't now.  Phew, that's a relief!  I was worried I scared her with all my questions.  I wanted to give her something... I didn't know what... as a thank you for swallowing her anxieties to be able to chat to me, because I might never have been able to find her needle-toon in the haystack-of-Azeroth, plus she said she'd been really stressed over the holiday period.  So I gave her the only thing I had on me - 2 elemental pets - one for her and one for her son, so hopefully that will make her feel a little better, because she really made my day coming to talk to me.  And then I asked for a picture.  Obscurefox said "Oh, my clothes aren't very nice... but they're just levelling clothes."  Gosh, it reminded me of Kallixta and Saunder talking about something similar and making me laugh my ass off, like I worry about those sorts of things!  I like you just the way you are!

I think her fox was very aptly named :)

Thank you Obscurefox for the great honour you bestowed upon me, and I admire you for overcoming your nervousness to take that first step, as I know it can be so hard.  I'm claiming Obscurefox as Navispammed!  (Though in reality, it was sorta a halfway meeting)


  1. I swear I have seen her amazing art before - what an amazingly talented artist! Lucky she got your message to the DK alt just in the knick of time!

    1. I know! I wonder how many messages I send just vanish into the nether :P and what a coincidence, on my server too!

    2. I did a lot of (200ish) character portrait commissions during Vanilla through TBC, and some other WoW realted art, there are a few pieces on my blog but since I don't tag stuff,(I'm a bad blogger) they can be hard to find.

  2. Love that sketch. What a great reversal meeting.

    1. It was a great surprise, wish I didn't have to rush off to work!

  3. I'm glad you got to meet, it was meant to be! She is such a terrific artist.

  4. Thanks for the chance to meet you, my son was terribly excited as he bounced around behind me, He really likes the Air spirit, who I had named after him till he was able to meet me and take pick it up. I was so nervous I forgot to take screenshots, but I have art planned. Thanks again and perhaps I'll see you again and say hi!

    1. I'm glad your son liked it! I'm sorry I made you nervous - I was really excited to meet you - and I hope I didn't disappoint you or anything, because I think you're even MORE awesome now! Ooh art, I cant' wait to see!


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