Monday raiding - OMG 0.47% on Ambershaper

Raid was much better today.  We had 3 real healers, and 2 real tanks, and 2 dot classes to get rid of adds.  It felt a lot smoother.  Poor Souglyy, it was her turn to sit out, and Roshii offered to sit out for her but she made him go.  Sabre sat out too, so we were hunterless, but we had 2 warlocks and Lushnek was DPSing as well.  Adds were great, and well under control.

With 2 disc priests, I hardly had to do anything in phase 1 again.  When we did it on Sunday, it was really hectic and I healed a lot.  We did a lot better and got to Phase 3 a few times, and then there was THAT attempt...

We decided to leave a DPS in the construct and Roshii was the lucky DPS and he did a great job in the construct.  We got to phase 3 and we were all going for it - I felt like a huge failure, I died pretty quickly.  And then everyone was beating on it and we were dropping off... OMG, were we going to kill it??  No... NOOOOO we wiped at 0.47%!!!  One swing, one hit... we had a laugh and then I've decided it was Falln's fault because he forgot to use a flask.  Or Sev because he didn't right click the boss so he didn't do any melee hits.  Heh.

We couldn't repeat it after that, we had some yukky goes where healers kept getting in the constructs in phase 2.  Or that time where both our blob killers were Constructs and I had 3 or 4 hitting on me and giving me the poopsies.  Falln and Aza weren't as stellar as Roshii in the construct - he told me how stressed he was in it haha.  But he did ok!

But, next week.. NEXT WEEK you are going DOWN Ambershaper!


  1. Ouch, so close! Next time's a kill for sure. I blame Navi for not Wrathing/Starfalling/Moonfiring more, lol =P

    1. I did feel a bit guilty... wrong spec choice on ><

  2. Yep, was Navi's fault hands down



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