Minipost: Monday raiding - No tanks, no spanks!

Raked AND Fue were both having connection issues yesterday, so Fue logged because his latency was so terrible and Raked battled on but it was not working for Empress - and I had even nagged Gutsy to log on so we can have 3 real heals for it as well.  We called it halfway through and reset it, and though we only killed ONE boss (Tout showed up miraculously at the time - so I was saved from tanking) it was good because Moopie got his belt from the first boss.

In guild news, Neri and Mr Neri (Disco) joined our guild - Mr Neri has been hanging around in our guild for a little while levelling an alt to see if he likes it or not, and I think he didn't mind, because he moved his Paladin over so he can heal for us.  He's been dungeoning like a demon to gear up.  I have probably freaked the poor guy out saying how I'm looking forward to see what he can do.  Neri brought her priest alt over to keep him company - and she even made a "moving mog" for the occasion.

I am nervous - I hope he likes it here.  When I invited his paladin, there was BIZARRE filthy conversation going on in the guild - Moo was in a good mood and was on a roll.  Perhaps his good mood made his belt drop in raid.. but anyway, Disco wasn't too fazed, even though I expressed my horror at them scaring the new recruit.  I told Disco we'd carry him through MSV for some loot, and he said he would gear up to his best so he would pull his own.  Not sure which day we'd do that, but hopefully NOT Wednesday as he is still raiding with Concur then.  Wednesday is our usually full roster day anyway, so that's not an issue.  Anyway, big welcome to Disco, and hope our healing blues will be over for now.   Now about those tanking blues...


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    1. Ooops on the delete.

      ……………(\__/)…BUNNY WELCOME!
      ……………(…'_')…NERI & DISCO


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