Matty's Mogging at the Movies #2

There are supposed to be 3 mogs for Matty's birthday Movie Mogs but I struggle to make more than 2!  So happy birthday Matty, I managed to squeeze one more out of my brain... here's the second!

Nasty Colonel Miles Quaritch, the head of security for the human mining expedition on Pandora.  I based my mog off this picture (though it's not from the movie itself - it must be a pose or sets pic) but I thought the costume could use a cool weapon.

Blue Linen Vest
Hillman's Belt
Stalking Pants
Saltarello Shoes
Rifle of the Stoic Guardian

Heh, and I put him facing that way so maybe nobody would notice he didn't have the trademark scars on the left side of his head...


  1. Oh nice, you did another one. Is that pic from that series that was axed? ...although I can't think of the name right now

    1. I don't think so. Oh replying from work is so painful! I think it's just a shot from the set.

  2. That's a GREAT transmog for that nasty, nasty man! See, you made up in quality what you lacked in quantity!

  3. Love it Navi - I'm with Tome - a great mog for a nasty, evil man!


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