Friday PvP - Silvershard mines is the daily BG? YAY!

I love Silvershard mines.  Mobile capture nodes with bridges for us to typhoon people off and using all my cooldowns to survive?  Awesome!

And I noticed that Horde often win Silvershard mines.  And certainly, last night was the case.  We won all our Silvershard Mines games except for 1.

Now, why is that??  Why are there certain battlegrounds that seem to favour one faction over another?

For example, my friends said that AV seemed to be a rare win these days.  Perhaps, Shab said, it was because most people blacklisted that BG and that only the noob players end up in the BG.  However, for most other BGs, I find that it's pretty even and team dependent.

I had a look at the Silvershard mines map.  Was there an advantage there?

Awesome map details from WoW Battleground Strategies
So if you look at that, perhaps Horde does have a slight advantage, being able to grab the cart from the Southwest track - however Alliance can grab any carts travelling on the northern tracks a lot faster than Horde can - and I did see some carts very far down the track which would have been damn hard for us to grab running from our starting point.

Sometimes, I hate being the only healer in mines.  There really ISN'T anywhere to hide.  You're out in the open and you can't run.  One game I was the only healer and I was farmed continuously until I figured out to stealth out and I planted myself behind Sev and Shab so everyone could come through THEM to get to me.  Much easier.

Anyway, I ended up getting a couple of achievements last night so that was pretty cool.  I didn't know Five for Five was an achievement so a surprise achievement is always awesome! I was actually trying very hard to get Mine cart Courier, but that didn't work (which was why I accidentally got Five for Five).I still dream of ninja'ing a cart right before the end for End of the Line, but not going to be doing THAT on my own :P  

I often end up escorting carts.  A healer is not the most useful thing in this BG (but healers are useful!), but I do have a few useful things.  Rooting people outside of the area, Typhoon to push them back and now I've switched to Disorienting Roar it's great for everyone else to kill down a target while I run away with Displacer beast.  I wasn't enjoying Displacer Beast at first, but I do like it for Arena.  That's my problem.  I don't run away enough.  I need to think more like a cowardly rogue.  But that makes it easy to get this achievement if I'm constantly around a cart.

Anyway, hopefully can get a few more games in tonight, if the boys are up for it.  Dahakha came along and was getting frustrated because he seemed to be targetted a lot - I hated to break it to him, but Sev and Shab also target the squishy boomkins as well in Arena.  But, it won't be till late - it's Chinese New years eve which means BIG FAMILY DINNER!


  1. In my experience it's very much team related. If you're playing with a couple of friends in this particular map, regardless of faction you will win 99 percent. Unfortunately tonight I've been teamed with a bunch of 300k idiots versus team after team of 5 man premades.

    As for AV, personally I love it. Always so much ganking to be done.

    1. I used to like AV. But somehow Horde no longer defends their towers and even if I go in with a bunch of friends, in a big 40 man it isn't enough to make the difference. I think I could happily play mines all day - wish it was the BG all the time!

    2. Most of the EU Horde play defensively so we get long games with lots of pitched battles up towers and Galvanger/Balinda defense. Sometimes it literally comes down to 3 or reinforcements as to who wins. I don't like the rush games much but these days, it's very rare we get those so AV is great.

      I suspect I'd quit WoW if Mines was the battleground "weekend" all the time. I really don't like it unless I'm playing with 4 or so friends. What normally happens is half of our team end up skirting outside the areas of influence because there's two warriors and frostmage looking at them.

      Oh and don't get me started on moonkin... one was repeatedly critting me for 200k last night and it's a little hard to heal through that when you're stunned up by a passing warrior and covered in necrotic strike. So much for resilience (or whatever they're calling it these days) will fix it.

  2. My frustrations were that I was getting absolutely no support from anyone else who was nearby. You guys were down one end escorting carts, and I'd be trying to grab a new cart, usually fighting off one Ally, then a couple of his mates would barrel in and I'd be hitting all my CD's to stay alive/try to get away, meanwhile people would be prancing on past to go to a Horde cart that was in no danger, leaving me to die.

    Moonkin really aren't squishy anymore, the main problem I have is against warriors when they have all their cc's up - charge stun, fear, spell lock/silence, another charge stun, all while bursting me down, it is hard to deal with. Against most other specs I can hold my own in a one-on-one or group battle, but when I get dogpiled and chain cc'd for 10+ seconds it sucks without backup. Compare that to cata and wotlk pvp where I died from simply being in range of an opponent....

    I *think* I got the End of the Line achieve in one of my first couple of games there, it's pretty easy for a druid, but you have to play very selfishly to get it. Just stealthing to a dump point and waiting, usually - especially if Ally are controlling the match - they will leave it before it caps so you can jump in and grab it just before it does.

    I will be sure to be on tonight!

    1. Dah you have been dragged to all PvP nights so far! :D Glad there's someone who likes to BG :)

  3. Katzbalger-Arthas (US)February 10, 2013 at 11:52 PM

    Personally I don't target boomkins in Silvershard because they're squishy, it's because they're dangerous! With roots and aoe silence plus the knockback they can mess up your group on a cart pretty good. I love Silvershard with a decent team, as a hunter with explosive trap glyphed for knockback I have a lot of fun there, especially on the bridges! I've just got an addon called OQueue which lets you find premade groups, mostly for pvp but a few raids too, been doing 5m silvershard groups all weekend farming up Veteran ready for the new battlemaster-type achievement in 5.2 (master of silvershard, temple, gilneas and twin peaks) which gives the Khan title.

    Mine Cart Courier is the hardest achieve in there imo, took me a good few tries though I did it solo queueing, easier with a group. The trick is to get the tracks changed fast and do the 2 carts to top right first since they take the longest, otherwise you tend to run out of time.

    1. Katzbalger, ty for visiting! And thanks for the tip for Courier - I need to try harder for that :)

  4. I am just not savvy when it comes to BGs, heck I didn't even know there we're new BGs. I haven't gone into a BG since Mist came out (our guild used to do Tol Barad a lot) but your post has peaked my interest. I am going to have to find someone to go visit this Silvershard place with me, it just sounds fun.

    1. It is fun, you'll have to tell me what you thought, Starre! Or write a post on it.

  5. wow, when do you find time to pvp??? haha


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