10 Days of Pet Battling Day 1 - My first day Pet Battling

This post is part of my 10 Days of Pet Battles series.

My first day pet battling was done on the first day Mists of Pandaria went live.  I started out in Pandaria with everyone else, but when I saw all those green paws... and I couldn't battle them, I knew I had to level my pets to get out there.

I started in Orgrimmar, as most people Hordies do, because that is where the trainer was.  But which pet to choose? Almost all of the things to battle in Orgrimmar were beasts, so I decided to start with my Clockwork Gnome - a mechanical who was strong against beasts.  And he was a star, he would knock those beasts dead!

I wasn't the only one in Org pet battling - it was hard to find even a Dung Beetle or Spiny Lizard so I went outside to go and try to catch some of these things.  And I was hooked after the first capture.  I remember I knew so little - I caught a rare chicken - it was my first rare - and I named it KFC.  I didn't know what rares were back then, I was such a noob!

I remember there was no easy way to tell what a rare was by looking at it.  People had macros for it, and there was also a mod for it - it's so much better now they fixed that so you can see what the rarity of the pet is when you battle it.

The levels come so easily at those low levels, and achievements pour in so easily, it wasn't hard to get hooked.  I only did toon levelling with Lushnek, so when he wasn't online, I spent my time Pet Battling.  I had pets at max level before I myself was max level!

I remember the day I was ready to tackle Pandaria.  I had just hit 22 with my Clockwork Gnome (which was named after one of my surgical colleagues who was quite buff - we named it Magic Mancuso) and my Gregarious Grell was also in the early 20s and I set off to start catching and battling all the Pandarian pets on offer.  I think my toon was still level 87 (and I had friends who had been 90 for days already) and after that I was happy levelling my toon in Pandaria, now that I could catch everything out there.

Those early days were quite good.  Nobody had high level pets then, so once I got to level 18 or so, those zones were mine for the picking.  No campers like now.  I remember seeing a Minfernal stuck in a tree - and I was so cross I couldn't battle it (I didn't know the interact with object keybind back then) that I killed it.  I didn't see a minfernal for ages after that!


  1. Oh wow, those were the days! I remember being so happy taming anything. Not like now when everything has to be a rare and then a GOOD rare too, lol!

    1. Lol I know! All the things we have learned since those baby days!

  2. My first day of pet battles, you won't believe I didn't love it!

    I was 90 and decided it was time to click on those little green paws I had been ignoring (or accidentally clicking). I started with Azure Whelpling in Stormwind and ran around leveling for a little while. I wasn't impressed with the limited information on the standard UI and I felt guilty that I wasn't doing something more productive!

    I was pretty focused on gearing and achievements in the beginning so I decided to leave pet battling for the time being!

    While updating addons a few days later I found some that looked quite handy for pet battling. I installed them and went to have another shot between BG queues (turns out pet battling between queues doesn't work out very well, I missed a lot of queues!) I could see quality and the location of every pet on the map! I still wasn't hooked but I had always been a pet collector so I knew I had to work on it for every pet and achievement.

    I really started to enjoy it when I began the tamer quests, it added something else aside from running around looking for rares (which we all know is tedious at the best of times). I made sure I did my dailies/heroics before I ventured off to find pets each day!

    Imagine if I didn't grow to love it!

  3. On the first day I didn't even think to use type advantage against the Orgrimmar Criters.


  4. I remember you avoided my beta posts like the plague... except for my Darkmoon Rabbit and Wild Pets posts :P

    Here's mine http://www.bubblesofmischief.com/2013/02/27/day-1-pet-battles/


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