Barrier, Elegon's room

What is this?  This is in Elegon's room, in Mogu'shan Vaults, which comes up when you start the fight (ie the door closing).  I only noticed it the other day, though I can't recall why I am standing here looking at it if the fight had already started...

... though I do recall what I was thinking when I saw it.
Oh, that's so pretty!  How did I not notice that before?  If Ancient was here she would tell me off for not taking a picture of it earlier to show her...  Must get good pic....


  1. Oh Navi, that's so funny! When I looked at the shot before reading the post I thought, thank you for that because I would never see it otherwise. Or at least not until three expansions from now, lol!

  2. I noticed that lovely backdrop but didn't thinking of screen-shotting it primarily because... I was running for my life, hoping to reset the boss while all but one of my teammates lay dead on the floor... No such luck.

  3. Pretty, I love the celestial/constellation themed stuff in WoW

  4. I noticed that the last time I was in MSV part 2 LFR, too. I wonder if the stars that are connected with lines represent constellations that were known to the mogu or are currently known to the pandaren?

  5. Oh this is gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing Navi :)


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