Wednesday raiding - Falln tanking! - and other chit chat

Fue's hurt his back again!  Sigh, so that puts our guild leader and main tank out of action.  Falln has bitten the bullet and decided to step up to tank, and he went and tanked MSV tonight.  I unfortunately FELL ASLEEP AGAIN but they weren't short on heals as Bish and Bladewind were both there and they managed to do up to Elegon but I think poor Falln had difficulty dancing for Will of the Emperor.  A great job though Falln!

Moo finally got his weapons from Elegon - not just one but TWO.  Thank god no complaints from him for a change.

In other news, Aza got an ASHES OF AL'AR!  I didn't grab a pic but there will be one incoming!  Grats Aza!  I can't say he was the first to get it, because Gutsy also has an Ashes, but it is very exciting nonetheless!

After my levelling escapade on Eldre'thalas, I have been inspired to play my alliance mage a bit with Lushnek.  I think it's only tolerable because we're questing together.  Made it to 79!

Since it was AB is the BG of the day, me and Shab went in as it's one of our favourite BGs.  It was good, we won all our games and I feel like it was a nice finish to the day.

I'm not sure what is happening with me lately.  Not feeling the compulsion to pet battle that I used to - probably that's a good thing - nor am I wanting to do LFR much and cap valour, though I should be for the quest.  I am still super lazy with my farm, I just can't get into it, and I really don't like digging weeds.  I'm still happy to go around upgrading my pets (yay, caught a rare Arctic Fox Kit tonight!) and working hard on that Stunted Shardhorn - since when did the all get farmed?  Perhaps I need to work on something else that needs attention - like levelling my cooking or doing more archaeology... a change of pace might be just what I need.


  1. My dancing was fine, im just 2 squishy being so under geared. The emperors where hitting me so hard that the healers couldnt keep me up i dont think. Ill work on my gear for next time i need to tank :)


    1. I want to let you tank dogs, and the rest :P


  2. I wish my pet battle compulsion would let up, archeology needs some attention because I still want that crawling claw!

  3. Good to hear you got some stuff done without me, and that moo got his weapons. I'm guessing no dagger for Roshii again?


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