Wednesday raiding - Back to raiding and... It's Good!

It's been a while since we raided, but it was a good feeling.

Vaults was not a perfect clear.  Bish died during the dogs, with the dogs at about 15-20% leaving me to solo heal the rest of it on mana fumes.  We couldn't rez him because someone else had died as well.  On Garajal, Lushnek and I were trying to channel the artifact for the achievement for the third boss without much success (you have to click it at the same time).  The first time we tried it, we died inside, and the second time I didn't click fast enough, and I didn't want to cause another wipe.  There will be other days, I'm sure.

But when we got to Elegon, I begged Fue if we could do the achievement And... It's Good!  For that you have to stand on the console (which you can see in front of me on the other side of the ring pit in the picture below) and tank all the mobs there.  They will do a knockback and the knockback has to knock us throug the rings that you see suspended above the pit.  The last time I tried it, I was in a PuG and a few of them got it, but I didn't.  This time, it was perfect - EVERYONE got it, and nobody died!  We all got knocked through, there was guild achievement spam and we all landed on the other side - alive!  Then we all managed to pull ourselves together somehow and the adds were tanked and killed.  Phew!

Poor Balinar, I didn't realise he'd declined on the calendar and I woke him up for raid and he only had had 2 hours of sleep!  He came for Will of the Emperor after we wiped a few times on Elegon.  In our kill attempt, I died in the last phase and left Bish, who also died and the DPS killed it all by themselves.  Who needs healers, right?

Balinar healed for Will of the Emperor, and sleepy him used a coin to roll for an item that he wanted for his ret (which of course he wasn't going to get because he was in holy spec).  Poor guy, wasted a coin.  I am wondering though, if next time we can 2 heal it.

Bish got the healy mace because I forgot to send a tell (but I have a Sha-touched weapon anyway upgraded so I can live without it), and there wasn't much other loot to be had, really.  However, it was great to be back in the saddle again.


  1. Looks like you've got your raiding off to a really fun start in this new year! Grats on a nifty achievement!

    1. That achievement is a fun one! Just convincing the tanks was the hard part...

  2. Nice! I died twice tonight getting the rest of SR their achievees on this too, lol.

  3. Glad you guys got it, it's hilarious!


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