Wednesday and Thursday raiding - DING DONG the Bug is dead!

On Wednesday we bashed at the bug and thought about switching Bish to smite healing for some extra damage for Thursday.  We had a few 2% wipes and it was frustrating and I was all ready to get out the Mortein to get rid of that bug the cheating way.

On Thursday, I didn't realise that I would have so much operating to do - I was going to be finishing at 10pm!!  So that meant no raid for me, much to my disgust, as I was feeling confident it was going to be killed.

I was online on my laptop and 3G so it looked deceiving to everyone thinking I could raid but I couldn't.  Fue was thinking of calling it, but they decided to do dogs in MSV whilst they waited for Voe to finish basketball.  People were a bit disheartened thinking we weren't going to raid, but I knew Voe would come, he said he would.  It meant that Lushnek would have to heal, and he went over to Tzufit's to copy her power auras.  Tzufit, little does she know, has secretly helped my raid for bugs because on Wednesday, Souglyy brought out her new pet to show me - a sporebat, named Navishaste.  I love it!

So, Bish went atonement with smite, and Lush was healing and kiting with Voe. And...

They one shot it.

Yay!!!!  DING DONG THE WITCH BUG IS DEAD!  DPS was doing their best, and Garalon flew into the air to do a mighty crush (enrage)... and he died as he went up into the air!  Killed at 7 minutes 2 seconds wewt!

I got a flurry of text messages from my guildies
Biship: Garalon down!!! Pew pew
Roshii: We one shot it Nav, no shit!
Lushnek: OMFG!!!!!!!!!!

Paranoid Navi brain: Look they killed it without you!  You were holding them back!
Navimie: I'm sure they all wished I was there.  Shut up, and be happy for them. Wewt!
Paranoid Navi brain: You know they're all thinking it. Navi's not here, we can kill stuff without her.  Look at heroic boat.
Navimie: There's no swirlies for me to fail in Garalon!  I'm not dying usually except on bad exchanges, it was the extra DPS that got it over - I'm sure Bish's extra helped!
Paranoid Navi brain: Guess who's sitting out next raid...
Navimie: Not me. It's Sunday and I can raid!
Paranoid Navi brain: I wonder what awesome loot you missed out on.
Navimie: Garalon doesn't drop anything for me, I don't think.
Paranoid Navi brain: Do you think Fue is going to ask Lushnek to replace you as healer?
Navimie: Will you shut up? Lushnek has no desire to heal full time - yet. And he wouldn't want me to be kicked out. You're being silly.
Paranoid Navi brain: Don't say I didn't say I told you so when Fue asks you to sit out next week.

Stupid paranoid brain.  Anyway, Lush sent me the damage done for Garalon and it makes me think woah, that's a lot of damage.

Look at Bish there!  Healing and DPSing!  And he was top heals as well with his smites.

Good work Frostwolves!  I can't wait to see what Wind Lord is like - it looks hectic enough on LFR!


  1. Oh those brains....I have the same make and model myself

    1. Kialesse of first introduced me to the crazy brain, and I haven't heard from her in a while - so I had to make up my own crazy talk for a bit.

  2. Great work girls and guys


  3. Here's the pic:

    Next time you ask me to send you an email, it might help to tell me your email address too :P

    Great work everyone! See you all at MSV on Sunday.

    1. Looking at it now I realised that I zoomed out a little too far. Wanted to get the whole bug but now you can't see any names. Ah well.

    2. I forgot to say your brother has my email...

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks to YOU for the advice there Slice! Hopefully I'll get it next week :)


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