Thursday raiding - Taking Gelina for a ride in HoF

We had a paucity of tanks, as Fue had a games night on and Raked was off doing something, somewhere.  Either way, neither was going to be on.  I was tempted to give tanking a go, but if we didn't have the healers, that wasn't going to happen. Voe said he'd show, but there was no hide nor hair of him.

I sms'd Tout to ask him if he could get on to tank just one boss, and he got on!  So we managed to scrape together a raid just to do first boss (as we need 2 tanks for Ta'yak).

Tout's headset wasn't working well.. but I didn't know that.  Sabre had to leave in an hour to go watch a movie, so we had a bit of a schedule on our hands.  But we were one short, who would like to come?

I asked Rebanio and I asked Gelina.  Gelina was thrilled to come!

So off we went.

Roshii and Bish had some Bromance happening as Roshii pointed out that the two of them were the only ones without a class buddy.  We had 2 warriors (Tout and Falln), 2 druids (me and Lushnek), 2 warlocks (Sev and Gelina) and 2 hunters (Souglyy and Sabrehawk).  With their manhugs it was all warm and fuzzy. Nawwww :)

Tout had to get something from the bank so I tanked up and told Bish to heal me.  He laughed in my face.  I was saved though because Tout came back and then we both tanked the trash with Bish solo healing us.  I am sure, that if he could speak, he would have said "Booyah!"  Solo healing trash FTW!  And he saved me - that was awesome!  Tout died though... but that's coz he tanked way more adds than me.

Once we got to Vizier's room I told Tout to wait while I tanked up, but that was the part where I didn't realise he couldn't hear - off he charged.  Bish had 25% mana and I was still spec switching.  Was he deaf???


"Maybe he can't hear me?"  I said on vent.  "Tout!  TOUT!! Can you hear me?  Can you guys hear me?"
"Yeah we can hear you," said Roshii.
"Did you hear me say wait a second before?"
"Yeah, we heard," said Lushnek.
"Hmm, let's see if he can hear this. HEY TOUT! YOU STINK!"
No response from Tout.  I tried again.
"Hey guys," said Tout.  "What was that about underwear?"
"Oh nothing," I said innocently.  "I was just testing to see if you could hear me."

Poor Gelina, he probably thought we were a bunch of idiots LOL.  Anyway, once Tout's headset was sorted we got down to business.

Tout was surprised (like I was a few weeks ago) when everyone moved to the Force and Verve platform.  "Does it always start here now?"  he asked.
"Yep," I said, remembering how I was surprised too.  He would be pleased though, it was a good thing that came with patch.
I asked Gelina if he'd done it before and he had on LFR.  I just said to watch out for the bubbles on the floor and on the shield phase, he should go to the outside bubble.  The middle bubble is for healers and the closest one is for melee.
"Oh wait," I corrected myself.  "We have lots of ranged.  We have 2 hunters and stuff that makes 5 so we'll need one in the middle with the healers."
"And stuff.  Yes, the warlocks AND STUFF," said Sevros.
"And me, she put me in the AND STUFF," said Lushnek.
Yes yes.  You warlocks are the and STUFF.  Bloody non buff bringers :P Bringing 2 hunters gives us Blood lust and crit.  2 druids gives us spell haste and MOTW. Well, technically Lushnek brings both so I could be classed as a non buff bringer...

"Well Gelina, you might die a bit, but don't worry, it's your first time!" I said.
"He said he's done LFR," said Lushnek.
"Yeah but who avoids the bubbles from attenuation on LFR?" I asked.
Sabrehawk pointed out that he had not died for AGES from attenuation, and that it was lucky Raked wasn't here.  I should mention how good Sabre's been on attenuation because I used to laugh about him dying all the time in it in previous blog posts.
"At least we'll get bloodlust now, when you're alive," I said.
"Raked is the new Sabre," said Lushnek.
Poor Raked.  Yes, he is the new attenuation casualty.  The last time we did it he died so much.  I think melee have it hard though.  A shame he wasn't there last night to redeem himself.

So we had a couple of warm up wipes - Bish was getting squished and we had some deaths from various things but it was all going ok healing wise.  The impressive thing was that Gelina did not die to attenuation at all!  In fact he hardly got hit by it, which was pretty impressive. He probably went to the Aza school of what-are-you-talking-about-this-thing-is easy :P Must be a lock thing.  And stuff.

So we killed it before Sabre had to go, Roshii got some new boots (damn, was hoping he wouldn't want them so I could steal them for offspec) and that was the end of the raid night.  Gelina looked disappointed but he was thrilled to be able to raid again, so I maybe we'll have more DPS to beef up our teams!

After that, Shab Sev and I did some arenas, and we had some good battles!  Bloody hunters are still the bane of us, but the triple DPS teams didn't seem to fare as well as they normally do.  One group had a monk - that was the first healing monk I had seen in arena - and they went splat because Sev and Shab just went to destroy him.  I learned something from Shab - warriors have mass spell reflect.  Holy crap!  So when Shab and Sev went in, I think Shab got hit with his own spell and Sev was mortal coiled...   That battle was close - Sev died, and left me and Shab against the others, and Shab got the healer down and then we took out the other two.  I feel like that it's pretty rare for Sev to be dead and we take out the other team.  Shab would probably beg to differ.

Another one, which was a battle I was quite pleased about, had a paladin healer and 2 warriors.  However, the warriors smashed the crap out of me, but the boys took out the paladin and then between the two of them they got the warriors down.  That was cool.

So all in all, that was a fun night :)