Sunday and Monday raiding - Not ready for heroics, and blown away by the Wind Lord

On Sunday, we attempted Feng, heroic.  All I can say is ... WOW.  The DPS could not stop the adds from getting to the shield (heroic has an extra phase) so that wasn't going to go anywhere fast.  We gave up and finished off MSV normal and I even got a shiny new offhand to play with.

I admit, I didn't watch the video.  But for the most part, a healer's job when fighting Wind Lord is to heal and know when to use your CDs.  The DPS and tank have to worry more about trapping and interrupts.

I'm not sure if my Nature's Vigil was causing the cc's to break... I might have to try and not use it at all until the boss phase!  I was a bit dumb about moving around for wind bombs as they didn't hurt much in the adds phase but when on the boss they hurt heaps!

Everyone is so busy!  Bish was dispelling offensively, Roshii, Falln and Raked were interrupting Menders, and Sev and Az had pets eating buffs, as well as CC'ing.  Souglyy and Sabre were CC'ing as well.

I liked how everyone could click on people entombed in amber, and it had a cooldown before you could release another.

Anyway, poor Raked was taking a pounding.  Lushnek was healing because Voe wasn't around, and Souglyy took out her sporebat - yay - so we all could get some haste happening.

The cool thing as that the fight was resettable.  Aza complained I had a Sev disease because like Sev, I was moving and jumping all over the place.  It's his fault, he made me do it, playing with him in PvP all the time.  Az was worried because I was jumping towards and around him when he got the Amber Prison.

But it was more optimistic feeling this fight, than with Garalon.  Look forward to trying it again in the new raid week - if we can get past Garalon again.


  1. I don't remember if I mentioned this to you or not, but we found out that trinket-like abilities allow you to break out of the amber. So for example if you have a mage, they can blink out of it, hunters can disengage and warlocks can use their free will talent. I believe druids are also able to shape shift out of it.

    1. Really! I will have to try and see! If not, I will take disengage from the hunters. Thanks Lyss <3


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