Sunday and Monday Raiding - Garalon 46, Frostwolves 0

Feeling kind of mediocre at the moment.  As in very crap.  The concept of Garalon is easy, but the execution is just not happening for us.

I had a lovely email from Slice (via Lyss) the other day detailing from a healer's point of view what Shadow Rising did for Garalon.
As Lyssi said - we used 4 kiters

1st 2 kiters were tanks, adoe was 3rd and I was 4th.

Healing tips - We had Rep float around in the raid, she was healing the raid mostly with also making a special effort to watching the melee, especially when they went onto the odd side. Zarm (our resto druid) - rejuv spam! (is what he said he did) and I noted he floated more toward the front end of Garalon to watch tanks etc. I floated around the middle so I can reasonably hit everyone.

Things to watch for when the 2 healers are swapping, They will be out of range for most of the raid. the 3rd healer has to be able to top off the raid or something to mitigate dmg.

As Lyss mentioned ordering your raid CD helps out a lot.

1. we used PW:Barrier
2. was Zug's (warrior) Demoralizing Banner
3. Personal Cds
4. (this was the swap where 1st tank kites again) Tranq

Also in there was Sorak's Healing Tide and Stream Totems which he used when he deemed necessary with Healing Rain every now and then. With a lockstone (Cd of 2 min) in a 6+ min fight, you should get 3 uses out of it. Raid members should look into seeing what talents they can take to mitigate extra dmg as needed. I know Lyss specced into an extra dmg mitigation CD.

Pallys CDs seem to reduce the dmg taken from the pheromones, so popping those when stacks get high help out a lot it seems.

Also 540k+ total raid DPS is needed. We blew Bloodlust at the beginning to quickly burn down all 4 legs. Melee stayed on legs on the fight – after the initial 4 legs were dead, ranged stayed on the boss’ body. Adoe swapped to legs with melee as needed. Every ounce of DPS helps.
But it wasn't happening.  Our DPS is still short.  We had 3 healers (me and Bish,with Lushnek offhealing), 2 tanks (Fueghan and Raked), and 3 melee (Roshii, Falln, Moopie) and 2 ranged (Souglyy, Aza).  We thought that with the extra DPS from not kiting it would be better, but it's still about the same as it was.  Even looking over what Slice said,we seemed to be doing that but it still wasn't enough.  And, I was whinging because I was missing a haste buff.  Everyone has their own perspective about buffs, but I always remember this post by Tzufit in her guild forum.
Dear Hunters,

This is a sporebat:

It is cute and loveable and squishy. How can you not want one? (You can name it Squishy.)
I want you to have one and to bring it to every raid, and here's why:

For all casters, the 5% spell haste buff is extremely important. Not only does it increase the casting speed of all our spells, it also increases the rate at which our HoTs and DoTs tick, sometimes even adding a tick to those spells. The point at which we have enough haste to increase the number of times our HoTs tick is called a "haste breakpoint," and we gear/reforge/gem/enchant to meet this breakpoints.

A quick example for Resto druids: The minimum haste breakpoint I want to hit on Tzufit is 2004 haste. Doing so gives me extra ticks on Lifebloom and Wild Growth - 2 spells that do the vast majority of my healing. However, that 2004 number is based on the assumption that someone in my group is providing the 5% spell haste buff. Without the buff, that number changes to 4229. That's a difference of 2225 haste, which is obviously way too big for me to be able to quickly reforge or regem to accommodate before a raid.

TL; DR -- Get a sporebat, have it with you for every raid. In the event that we do not have a Balance Druid, Shadow Priest, or Elemental Shaman to provide the spell haste buff, YOU will be expected to do so.
Of course, I can't imagine other classes feeling this way.  Since it's damage that we need, not extra heals.

Monday was marginally better.  I feel better now about kiting.  I kinda have my positions of swap in my head, and when to use my tranquility.  Oh, and we wiped at 3% this time!  That awesome attempt had Fue soloing it for about 40 seconds after enrage - if only he could have taken out a leg!  But of course when he moves to the leg the boss turns so it's forever dancing out of his reach.  Damn though, that would have been pretty cool if he'd managed to kill it like that.  We'd be talking about it for weeks.

Oh, then what a bummer, Souglyy had some sort of power out and it fried her computer, killing our raid about 45 minutes before end of raid, so we had to call it early.

I was surprised on Sunday to see that bloody Falln has a Darkmoon Eye too!  So I thought wouldn't it be cool if we could somehow make a face with his and Souglyy's Darkmoon Eyes .... Aza helped with the dragon look with a rain of fire... can you see our attempt at a dragon face? :D

Cross Eyed Dragonface LMAO


  1. Yeah the sporebat is very nice! We made Adoe go get his from the stable master for our attempts.

    I noticed a big jump in my overall damage once he did.

    1. When the tanks call the shots - they always favour melee :P

  2. Haha, making a face with the two Eyes is such a cute idea! :D

    1. And I forgot to write what Falln said!
      "Oh, that? I got that in my second battle against that Darkmoon guy. Is it rare or something?"

    2. LOL.....


  3. I may have to convince our hunter to get that sporebat. As a Warlock I love some extra haste for those DoTs.. I wonder what I'd have to bribe him with. Hmm..

    We're having issues with progression as well. In certain instances we lack both a bit of dps and some healing. We're currently on the fight before Garalon, and without a Resto Druid the whirlwind phase is really hard on our healers, so a lot of us die from the ticking damage. Hopefully we can find ways to work through it though, since I'm sure the fight isn't meant to require a Druid. We just need to get better, all of us.

    The concept of all the fights are fairly easy, I think. But sometimes things are just missing. For example, we have a new member who's horrible at movement and will die in almost every fight. The same person also needs to work on his dps. I know I need to work on my dps too, as well as a few others in the guild. It'd be nice to get our average dps up by a bit. Maybe if we get into the whirlwind phase sooner, it'll be easier for the healers as well.

    I'm sure you'll get Garalon soon! Suddenly it'll just click :)

    1. Thanks Saga! I hope so too. I felt like this about heroic boat in Dragon Soul and I'm hoping that the DPS will just find that little extra something... somewhere!

      A shaman is actually very good for that whirlwind phase. A priest is ok too, but I do think druids are good for that part.


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