Run Rabbit, run Rabbit, run run run!

I haven't had much luck with the Darkmoon Rabbit.  Admittedly, I don't hang out there camping the thing, but the times I've tried it, I wasn't successful.  I logged in on Friday and Souglyy, Falln, Cymre and Execute (on his paladin, Germz) had just killed the rabbit!  I was a bit sad Souglyy or Cym hadn't rung me to get online to kill it, but the group was quite small, and maybe Alliance was nearby so they wanted a quick tag.

It turned out Execute won it!  He was telling me about it the day after, and Souglyy even sent me pics as well!

So on Saturday, I was moping because it was the last day of Darkmoon Faire, and I wouldn't get a chance at the rabbit for another month.  I even logged onto EU servers to camp someone for a Navispam (who is a hard one to catch!) and chatted briefly to Godmother, and thought about her rant at the rarity of the Darkmoon Rabbit, and then a week or two later, she was gifted with one!  And then Sephrenya got on and she told me of the time she saw the Darkmoon Rabbit on the AH for 10k!  Which she snapped up super quick, and thought perhaps the person was missing a 0 when they listed the thing.  Which made me think of Arvash and how he got his Darkmoon rabbit on the BMAH... but he's on a low pop server, so maybe not as many people to compete...? I think he got his for 50k.

Anyway, I told Souglyy I was sad she didn't wake me and she said she didn't want to disturb me.  I wanted to reassure her that I was HAPPY to be woken at any time for a rabbit kill!  So early in the evening, I was pet battling and I said to Veluxia (who was also pet battling - funnily enough, I don't think she DOES anything else LOL) and we chatted about the Darkmoon Rabbit.  I asked her, if she ever saw a Darkmoon Rabbit group being formed, could she invite me on my low alliance toon?  She said she would - she said I could even go on a level 1 toon!  I couldnt' see that happening though, I'd be dead if the rabbit farted...

Saturday evening had some weird ass server stuff happening.  NPCs weren't spawning, the portals weren't there, and when they were there, I clicked them and nothing would happen.  I was also stuck on loading screens - and I wasn't the only one!  (I had just finished tanking a dungeon for Roshii and Souglyy on their alts)  So I switched to Nagrand to play some alliance with Lushnek since our server was dead.  Veluxia was pet battling and hadn't noticed anything but it wasn't long before she also had issues and couldn't interact with the tamers (she was getting stroppy - she was doing well in those battles too before it suddenly all went weird!).  Shab was on playing D3 and Dahakha was online, and I said I would PvP with them when the server stopped being all cacky.

Shab logged over and told me the server seemed fine.  And then, Souglyy told me that there was a group forming for Darkmoon Rabbit!  OMG I am SO THERE!  Lush and I logged back over and I went through who was online to see which guildies were on so I could invite them.  I even managed to get Shab to come, who was bemused by the whole thing.

Me: Shab, come and kill the rabbit!
Shab: What rabbit?
Me: The Darkmoon rabbit!
Shab: Is it hard?
Me: Yeah, it's really hard.  You get an achievement for it.
Shab: OK
Me: It drops a rare pet too!
Shab: I'll come along for fun.

Then Sabre was online - he had been pet battling and saying how fun it was, surely he would love to come!

Me: Sabre!  Rabbit is up!
Sabre: What rabbit?
Me: Darkmoon Rabbit!
Sabre: What's that?
Me: ....
Me: Drops an awesome rare pet.  And has an achievement.
Sabre: Is it hard?
(At this point, I was wondering what planet these people live on :P)
Me: Yeah needs a full raid group.  He can one shot you!
Sabre: Ok, cool, I'll come.

Then I rang Roshii, who had just gone to bed.

Me: Hey! Darkmoon rabbit is up!  What are you doing?
Roshii: I just got in bed, Nav...
Me: Come on... I'll see you online.
Roshii: *mumbles something*

I hung up.  Once he ungroggied himself he would be thrilled to come for it I'm sure.  Besides, if he won it, he'd give it to Souglyy anyway :P  She had texted him as well, and I said I wasn't sure if he wanted to come as he seemed rather surly.  But I was wrong, a few minutes later he was on.

I asked Dahakha and he was thrilled to come!  By now, the group was looking pretty full!  I asked Arvash as well, but for some reason, EVERY time I invite him to a cross realm thing, he can't see us and that happened again as well.  But he has a kill and a rabbit already, so he wasn't hugely fussed.  He did the cheerleading!

And I asked Veluxia if she had a horde toon.  And she did.  Would she like to come for Darkmoon Rabbit? YES PLEASE!  She was off in a flash and I invited her to the raid.

I recognised a number of people in the group.  Vishii and Sqqualli were there, and I waved to both and they whispered greetings back.  When I offered to tank if we had too many healers, Icaruss told me no way, I wasn't allowed!  Well, if he's healing, do they really need ME?  He'd probably laugh at my healing anyway!

Thank goodness, there were no flagged people in the raid, nor did I see any Alliance hanging around.  It was looking pretty optimistic, and I was feeling happy.  Souglyy said that they only had 15 in her last raid so this would be plenty.  Sabre was looking at the rabbit and said to me "Wow, that's one nasty rabbit, look at the health!" and Shab said something similar too.

Suddenly, we had started and off we went.  Wow, the rabbit went down quick with a full group of level 90s!  It wasn't long before the rabbit was dead and achievements all round!

 Then I saw this:

Luxypie receives loot: [Darkmoon Rabbit]

OH. MY. GOD.  Luxypie was Veluxia's horde toon!!! She was gonna be going bananas!

I immediately whispered Veluxia. "OMG OMG GRATS!!!!!" And she was stunned and thrilled and screaming "OMG!!!" and I was pleased that someone who would treasure the rabbit got it (instead of someone who would sell it on the AH for profit).  Even Shab had rolled a 98 - it would have been hilarious if he had won it because he is the last person to care about things like pets LOL!

So Veluxia levelled him to 25 over an hour and we admired the scary, and awesome, Darkmoon Rabbit.


  1. I assumed Baha would have called you since she's in your Guild. Glad you got a kill in the end though. I read that CRZ players can't loot the item anyway unless that's been changed now.

    1. No that can't be true, because Veluxia won it, and her toon was from Barthilas.

    2. You definitely can loot the bunny while in a cross realm group!

      @Navi, people from US realms can't join CRZ with Oceanic players anymore because of the time difference. If a server is outside of a 3 (I think) hour time-zone window they can't see each other :(

      Still can't believe I won! :D

  2. I didnt call you because I thought'd u'd be busy with kids, dinner etc and I didnt want to disturb you, even more so when you said you were asleep :( BUT I did redeem myself, the next day, and found another group for us to join :) So woot we killed the deadly bunny! Maybe next time, we can get even more lucky and win the pet! Wishfull thinking maybe lol


    1. I'm not mad! I know you guys probably would be too scared to call me when putting kids to bed... after that explosion I had at Az last time.... I was just sad but I'm happy now, honest!

  3. Grats on that bunny! It's great that an experienced pet tamer won him. She can keep him from getting out of control and running rampant!

    1. And with a roll of 100! We were pet battling and she had gotten an elemental and 2 stones, and said she probably had used up all her luck. I said surely, she would be happy to have one month of no stones and no pets in exchange for a darkmoon rabbit! LOL

  4. Wow! Grats on the bunny kill and glad Veluxia is enjoying her new pet.

    1. Thanks Tyledres! I'm bummed I will not be able to join any of my friends on US servers for bunny time :(

  5. Grats on your kill and booooo for CRZ, lol.

    1. Hell yeah that's a bummer. Thank goodness we can still raid!

  6. Congratulations! That bunny is EPIC!

    1. Indeed! I'd love one but just the kill was awesome :)

  7. Sounds like a good time all-around, I'm still looking for my shot at the bunny and achievement =(


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