Relic Hunter Navimie got Riches in Pandaria

I'm a parent, with a young daughter, so I have a good excuse to be watching Disney's Tinkerbell movies.  The modern day Tinkerbell is not the haughty jealous little creature that gets angry whenever someone talks to Peter Pan - she's now an inquisitive, creative and clever fairy, who does still get angry at times, but loves humans!

(and if she played WoW, she would be alliance, since she's a human lover, and an Engineer, since she loves to Tinker)

Tinkerbell loves lost things.  And Mists of Pandaria has given us a whole heap of new rare, lost things to find.  And the first of them, and the easiest, are the Riches of Pandaria.

This achievement comes in four stages:

I couldn't do it without the help of my dear friend Euphyley of WoW Rare Spawns, who made this amazing map! Click it to see the details and go to her amazing post.

Her map has all the details of all the items you can get for the achievement.  Most people have picked up one or two on their travels - a coin in a well, stones on the ground  - all these items sparkle.

There are a number of neat things about these Riches of Pandaria items:
  • They are found once per character.  Once you find it, it disappears and you can't see it or loot it again.
  • Anyone can loot it.  It's always there, and if someone else takes it, it comes back straight away so you can loot it.  No waiting for respawns!
  • They are worth gold!  Most of them vendor for 100g or so.
  • They are worth a ton of XP if you're levelling.
Here's my photo journey looting all these things.  Thank you very much Blizzard, an easy 40 achievement points.
Jade Forest - Ship's Locker (note that Handy notes puts this in wrong spot, Euphy's map is correct)
Jade Forest - Pandaren Ritual Stone
Krasarang Wilds - Stack of Papers.  If you read them, it's quite funny - ""It looks like a journal of some kind.  The last entry: '05151212:01 SYSTEM FAILURE'.  What could it mean?" That timestamp is the day Diablo 3 came online, and the refers to the Error 37 message lots of people got when they couldn't login on that day.
Kun-Lai Summit - Hozen Treasure Cache
Kun-Lai Summit - Lost Adventurers Belongings.  This area is busy!  A rare spawn here as well, and angry goats that you can see there.  Thank god for looting in flight form.
Kun-Lai Summit - Rikktik's Tiny Chest
The Veiled Stair - The hammer of Folly.  I actually came across this when I was finishing the quest with the Black Prince to get the Sha Touched gem.  He comes and stands right here!
Kun-Lai Summit - Statue of Xuen
Townlong Steppes - Abandoned Crate of Goods
Valley of the Four Winds - Virmin Treasure Cache
Similar to this, but a little harder, is the Treasures for Relic Hunter.  Cymre was the first person I saw writing about it, and I thought she was the first Relic Hunter on the server - but she tells me she wasn't.  She had great posts showcasing the items but what I really needed was some kind of cheat sheet, or a map.  I looked them up on WoWhead but it's such a nuisance going back and forth.  I am hopeless at camping and finding rare things so I decided not to do it because I can't remember where anything is.

And then who comes to save the day?  Euphyley saves the day again with yet another awesome map! I remember lamenting to Ancient that I can't find anything.  She said the same thing - what we really needed was a dummies guide!  I complained about it to Euphyley and asked if I could borrow some of her maps so I could scribble notes on them and put it on my blog so I could find things easier and it wasn't long before she churned out all these amazing maps which have been an absolute godsend! Click on it to read her detailed and informative post.

The great thing about these Relics is that they often give something usable.  A bind on account item, which is low level, but great for the 85-90 levelling range - very useful!  Recipes also come from these relics as well.

The achievement comes in 4 stages

An addon which I found really helpful was HandyNotes (with the Lost and Found extra bit).  Falln gave me that tip, and it really is great, pinpointing the spots on the map and taking them off once you've found them.

Here's my photo journey looting.  My lucky last one was the Cache of Pilfered Goods - but there are still 5 more I haven't found yet!
Jade Forest - Ancient Jinyu Staff.  My first one!
Krasarang Wilds - Barrel of Banana Infused Rum.  The rare spawn mob, Spriggin, also spawns here.
Dread Wastes - Glinting Rapana Whelk.  This was one of my first few.
Dread Wastes - Blade of the Prime
Dread Wastes - Blade of the Poisoned Mind
Dread Wastes - Swarming Cleaver of Ka'roz
Dread Wastes - Blood Soaked Chitin Fragment (sorry it's a bit dark, there weren't any torches nearby in that cave!)
Jade Forest - Jade Warrior Statue.  This was pretty cool, someone flew past but they didn't stop!  It wasn't at the spot I thought it was either, just a bit to the side of where I thought.
Dread Wastes - Swarmkeepers medallion.  Not that easy to see, it's a tiny little thing!
Krasarang Wilds - Equipment locker.  Ok, compared to the last thing, this is HUGE.  You can't miss it - bottom of the boats.
Krasarang Wilds - Pandaren Fishing Spear.  At least it's in an easy place to spot and not full of hostile NPCs.
Kun-Lai Summit - Hozen Warrior Spear
Valley of the Four Winds - Staff of the Hidden Master.  Exray took me to get this one.  And then Cymre was trying to help me get it too, but I already had it and couldn't see it.  But then how did these guys who already have it see it?  I have no idea.
Valley of the Four Winds - Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman.  Adding this to NPCScan really makes it a lot easier, though it scares the hell out of you when NPCScan goes off.
Valley of the Four Winds - Ghostly Pandaren Crafstman.  Another one that scared me when NPCScan goes off.  You have to add both these ghostly guys manually.
Dread Waste - Malik's Stalwart Spear.  I was standing on the spot looking for it and then I got into a dungeon, and when I came out, there it was!
Townlong Steppes - Yaungol Fire Carrier.  I didn't know you could find these things twice on one toon, but Moopie found 2 in the same day.
Valley of the Four Winds - Cache of Pilfered Goods.   My lucky last one!  I would look for this every time but I didn't know what it looked like or whereabouts it was - at least now I know it's not next to the giant stinky vegetable, it's along the side in the cavern, between two of the burrow holes


  1. Woot gratz Navi :)


  2. I got hooked the moment I saw Tinkerbell. Although there really is no excuse for me other than it was on NetFlix! But Wow, grats on tracking all that stuff down and thanks for showing us pics of what we have to look for.

    1. I had a treasure map to go by. Yarrr me hearties!

  3. Grats! I have been looking for the Staff of the Hidden Master forever and never, ever, see it. I wonder how many times it's up and I just miss it.

    1. You know, I bet you'll find Minfernal wielding that staff.

    2. Oh so true that little devil probably has it! Thank you and Euphyley! After reading this I went looking and got the last thing for One Man's Trash... only one more achievement to go!

    3. Ooh, it won't be long now! Anyone who just "stumbles" upon Aeonaxx and has INSANE patience will find this a breeze :P

  4. Grats on the achievements Navi! That title looks dayum good on you! =D

    It's funny how timing goes with those maps too - I must have psychically known you were looking for them, hehe. I'm glad they ended up helping! ;)

    1. I couldn't do it without you, your maps were genius! I didn't want to rehash old information so hopefully everyone can go to your site and read about the items :)

  5. A lot of nice pics you have there and grats again on the achievement. I'm actually not sure if I was the first Relic Hunter or not, it would be nice to get some kind of verification one way or the other though.

    I picked the Hidden Master staff on my hunter, that's why I could still see it on my priest. The same thing happened with one of the other items. I already thought my posts were too easy with the links to the items as I did it for those looking for a particular item not all. I didn't want people coming to my site just for information.

    1. Your posts were the first and the pictures of you with the items equipped are gorgeous, but I wanted to find the damn things - going back and forth on wowhead was driving me bananas LOL

    2. The comments on WoWHead and other sites have complete lists of the items so I didn't feel the need to do it. I didn't want to make it too easy for people as that's half the fun - trying to find it yourself.

    3. Lucky for me Euphy saved my sanity! I think she really is psychic.

  6. Gratz on the achieve Navi.
    I have only gotten 2 so far. I got a ways to go!

    1. Get the addon Pando, or have Euphy's maps open. Then wherever you go, dailies or whatever, you can wander over to have a look.

  7. Gratz Navi!

    I would have been so scared in the second it took to take a screenshot that someone would have come along and stolen it!

    Those maps looks really helpful! I had all of my 85 alts camped out at various locations and I pestered everyone I knew for invites to their servers to check. I also used TomTom and checked them off after collecting each one.

    You don't need an excuse to watch Tinkerbell!

    1. Taking pics of those lost and found things is not as bad as trying to take pics of rare spawn mobs. Many times I'm framing a pic and someone swoops in ... and ruins my shot. Though, it did happen to Lushnek, he saw the Pandaren Fisherman and took a pic, and someone swooped in and got the item. He was so disappointed and I felt SO BAD because he was taking the pic for me and he lost out on the item.


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