Pet Battle tips, Pet Battle Bastard tricks and more 5.2 updates

Have you ever seen those pets stuck in a tree?  And you can't click on them?  Or those ones inside a rock?  Those terrain bugs are annoying!  But there is a keybind that can help you get interact with them - as long as the terrain isn't obstructed.

In Key Bindings, you can set Interact with Target, and use that for pet battling.  It's great because now I don't have to kill those Widow spiderlings stuck in the trees in Duskwood, the Minfernal stuck in the tree in Felwood, or the Stunted Shardhorns stuck in the trees in Sholazar (seeing a theme here!!) or those Gilded Moths stuck in the mountain.  (Thanks Veluxia for teaching me moar cool stuffs!)

And of course, I have been wondering what to do about those people with nasty pet battle teams.  Things like... 3 Fluxfire Felines, which is not horribly bad as the attacks are avoidable... but 3 Turkeys is a pretty crappy combination because it's sleep sleep sleep and hope the other person forfeits because the game is too long!  I am wondering if it would be good to have my Nordrassil Wisp out so that a lot of the attacks miss... and not to mention it's a magic so that's strong against flying types anyway.  Will have to battle someone to see!  Perhaps I'll go ask Josh... he's a pet PvP expert!  

Did you see the other things that are changing for pet battles in 5.2? (from WowInsider)

  • Reflection has been replaced with Deflection, an ability that always attempts to go first and causes the pet to avoid all attacks for that round.
  • Thunderbolt has been redesigned. It is now a powerful team-damage spell.
  • Mr. Bigglesworth's Prowl has been replaced with a new ability, Ice Barrier, which blocks two attacks.
  • Fluxfire Feline's Wind-Up has been replaced with a new ability, Flux, which deals damage to the enemy team.
  • The Tuskarr Kite has a new set of abilities that's more appropriate for a Tuskarr Kite.
  • Pets that had been affected by a crowd-control ability will now be granted Resilience, making them immune to crowd control for a short while.
  • Arcane Explosion's damage to back-line pets has been increased by 20%.
  • Frost Shock now properly chills targets of 2 rounds (was 4).
  • Deep Freeze now has a cooldown of 4 rounds (was 3).
  • Blocking abilities that last for 2 turns like Decoy, now have a cooldown of 8 rounds.
  • Feign Death now has a cooldown of 8 rounds (was 5).
  • Sprite Darter Hatchling and Nether Faerie Dragon: Evanescence and Arcane Blast have swapped ability positions.


  1. I'll have to check out Josh, I've spent so much time collecting them and not much PvP battling. I need to plan a strategy!

  2. Navi spam is leaking in!

    Thanks for these great tips: you are awesome!


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