No raiding for 2 days this week - bummer!

Roshii is frustrated because we can't get raiding going.  We're stuck on Garalon, people aren't turning up, and we haven't seen Terrace yet and patch is on PTR.  I can understand his frustration, but for me there are so many things to do, that raiding isn't the huge thing that it used to be for me.  At least we got Ta'yak down on Sunday, though I wish I could two heal it.  And, I am really really BAD lately with my harmony - I need something to make a sound at me to remind me to keep it up!  I have let my powerauras lapse, so maybe I should put that back on again.

When Bladewind gets back, hopefully we can get raiding up and running again.  I am not sure where Voe has gotten to.
So today, I logged on a little late because of putting the kids to bed, and found there was no raid, so I actually managed to cap my valour points for once.  That probably only happens every second week LOL.  Maybe if you get valour points from doing pet battles in Pandaria, then I might be able to cap.

I FINALLY dragged my ass out of the lazy gutter and finished my last lot of Klaxxi dailies and hit exalted.  Now I have the quests to do.  I'll do them at my leisure :)
Oh and that finished me off with all the Pandarian factions too!

Which is just as well, because now all I have to worry about is still getting my Champion of Chi-Ji and also checking Shado-pan dailies so I can finish Know Your Role.  Oh and finish my cooking.

On the pet front it was slow going - I finally have all my Darkmoon pets except the rabbit which I don't think I will see (and I still haven't killed it).  I saw Veluxia hanging around trainers again and we had a chat and some giggles - she's up to levelling boring pets now (ie spiders, snakes and beetles) and is running out of levelling steam.  Perhaps I should favourite all the pets I should be levelling to get my Singing Cricket.  I'm not sure I can get around to levelling all the more boring ones.

Did 2 Warsongs with Shab as well - both were winning 3 caps.  The first one I did was very satisfying for Shab because he had just finished a BG against that same premade and got his ass handed to him.  We had a well geared team with some high level players in it who got us through.  And also we had very few healers, which means we had stronger DPS.  I didn't think it was going to go well at the start because we had a lot of complaining when we were in prep, with people complaining about losing all the games, we're against a premade this is going to suck etc.  But surprisingly the premade didn't do as well because I think a few mini groups were in our BG.  The warlock was a high warlord, and he was FC a few times, and the druid was a Lt General who also carried the flag.  I just ran around healing, and didn't have that much focus on me, surprisingly.  But I've noticed there are two top ranking PvP types - the loud ones who think they're the greatest and never stop blowing their horns, and the quiet ones who are just amazing but polite as well.  They all play brilliantly though, so I shouldn't complain.  They weren't being asshats or trolling or abusive, they were just going on and on about how great they were, how they were in the number one rated BG team in the battlegroup etc etc.  Lucky Shab was there to keep me company.

The second WSG we went to because Shab was on a high after beating the team that was graveyard camping him in the last game, and that was good too.  We had 4 healers in our BG and so I thought at first that it would go poorly.  However, we also had a tank and that helped a lot.

Sev logged off early, before Shab logged in.  A shame really, we could have done some arena!  However, we did say that we weren't going to arena on Mondays - we seem to get only the diehard teams by then and are forever getting our faces planted in the ground!  Earlier in the week lets us get the more casual teams that we can actually beat LOL!


  1. Gratz on getting exalted with the Klaxxi! Having only reached 90 on Friday and starting their rep-grind then I wish I was exalted with them already! I just want the scorpion mount

    1. Ohhh I haven't bought that yet! I should go do that.

  2. Since I'm hanging out here using your blog roll just wanted to say Yay! all those factions done! Grats!

  3. Im here! Just noticed over xmas that not many people had accepted.

    Ill be back tomorrow!

    Voe :)


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