Navispam: Wow! It's Martiean!

Martiean is someone I met from Twitter.  He makes video guides and chronicles his journeys on YouTube, and he is always so friendly and helpful.  I remember Mia was doing stuff with him and he would often offer to help people with stuff.  And did I mention friendly??

Last year, he said he would be honoured if I visited.  So I didn't want to tell him, but I tried to find him as a surprise.

If someone has 20+ alts, it is damn hard to find them.  Especially when I live on the other side of the world.

I would often miss him by an hour.  One server I visited said they would pass my message, but I gave up after a while.  By that time Mists came out and I was busy.

Recently I visited Anna and then later I got a tweet from Wowmartiean

So then I gave in and decided to make a date - a time and place where we could meet up.  That took away the surprise though!  He took me to his home server of his Druid, and I got to take pics with him there!

Martiean told me that he was a very shy person.  I was surprised because he is so chatty on Twitter.  A lot of painfully shy people IRL seem to be very prolific tweeters - I was thinking of Booty Pants Bear and Bravetank.  I guess it's like it's their main social outlet - without the fear.

We mostly chatted about stuff in WoW, some of his RL stuff, and about making videos.  He told me that his home on Khadgar with Anna would probably be his "home" as he feels the most comfortable there.  That was nice!   She was whispering me telling me what a sweetie he was LOL.

I asked him, what tips would he give to someone wanting to start making WoW videos on youtube?
First tip really is to get over any fears and just do it. Follow your heart.  You have to accept its going to be a learning process, don't fear failure.  Embrace the learning process.  And always stay true to who you are and what your vision is.  Don't sell out.  Don't do it for this reason or that reason, you will lose your focus and everything suffers.
So what is his vision?
To share what I know and love about this game with others.. the laughter, the exploration, the knowledge... I want my channel to be a place to go for the love of WoW.

I had to head back to work, so I bid him farewell.  He kindly dropped me off in the safety of Exodar and we swapped battletags, so now I can chat to him anytime I like :)

Thank you Martiean for the chat and letting me visit!  It was super fun :)


  1. I was so very happy to finally sit down and talk. Have admired you from afar for a long time, definitely was happy to receive my golden seal and be added to your collection. :)

    1. It was a lovely chat :) You are truly inspirational! I'm glad I finally tracked you down (with your help LOL). We will chat more in the future, I'm sure!


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