Navispam: A Touch of Nyxrinne

It was server shutdown.  I'd fallen asleep and didn't get to do any dailies or pet battles so I was a bit sad.  Now I had a good 4 hours of sleep under my belt and I was wide awake!  What should I do.... I know, Ill get on EU!

The people I had planned to visit were not there.  Ohhh, Nyxrinne of Touch of Death was sick yesterday - I wonder if she will be at home today?  I sent her a tweet.

It wasn't long before she replied saying she was feeling better, and I asked her to get online so I could chat to her.  I was actually camping her other toon, not her main!  Whoops!

She came to meet me as I wandered over from Tirisfal Glades, and I had Darnell with me.  I think he has a crush on me... he was quite happy to have two ladies to protect, so to speak.

Nyxrinne didn't have a flying mount for two so she had to navigate Orgrimmar on the ground.  Oof, that's almost as hard as Stormwind!

Oh, I know what we can do!  I can cheer her in Brawler's arena and help her get an achievement by throwing rotten stuff at her!  However, little did I know, you can only throw that stuff at 90!  Booooo!  It's quite a levellist place.  I can't eat the food until I'm 90 either.  Nor can I queue as a fighter.  And of course Angry Spectators will one shot me for just standing around minding my own business.

Temptation... is a cruel thing.
Wait till I'm 90 and you'll get your just desserts, nasty, angry spectator... thank goodness Nyx can rez me.  That other bozo just stands around flexing at me and showing off.  Annoying little blood elf.
Navi: "Why don't you go in to the pit again Nyx?  I'll cheer you!"
Nyx: "Hmm, well I've had my weet-bix today, yes, I'll give it a go!"
Nav: "Well, I'd be scared of you!  Go on!"
Nyx: "Don't cower, you look hilarious!"
Navi: "I think it's our racial, you look hilarious too :P"

So in went Nyxrinne, and she did well, lasting much longer than her previous record of 2 seconds.  I didn't realise she was rank 7 already, that's awesome!  However, no kill.  Awwwww :(

I see what she's talking about now.  I can see sky through her bony leg hole.  Not a good look.  You could say it provides ventilation but undeads don't sweat....

We chatted for ages about pet battles, and in game-goals and about her blog in general too.  Clefthoof Runt is her favourite pet!  So I'm going to name mine after her.  She told me that she would like to raid on Nyxrinne again one day - that was her ultimate goal.  I hope she's successful in finding somewhere she can raid without having to resort to server transfers!

Time flies when you're having fun.  I had to go to bed (it was getting close to 3am) but I had such a great time in the Brawler's with Nyx.  We watched others battling, and it was a nice place to hang out.  Thanks Nyx for letting me visit!  She even mentioned my visit on her blog :)  Nyxrinne you have been Navispammed!


  1. Hers is a wonderful read! Another successful Navispams!

    1. Thank you Matty! It was a different one - Brawling, how cool!

  2. That first cower shot looks so unnatural although I used to be that flexible.

  3. In fairness, I think my No Favourites post would confuse anyone about which character to camp! And I had no idea Darnell was following you around. that must have been a serious sprint for him to keep up with the 'hog.

    I am doubly grateful for your visit now, because I enjoyed myself so much then aaaand because I acted on your query and joined a new guild the day after.

    It's early days, but they're dead chatty, and, through to them, I've already subbed in for another guild's MSV raid. It's a bit like being in one raiding guild opens up the rest of my server's raiding core, in a way, probably because we're such a tiny community! I was a sliver of DPS away from coming top on damage done across the bosses, which was pretty satisfying, and 've been invited back to help them with the second half on Sunday. And my own guild is jumping into Heart of Fear on Monday, so I may get a spot for that too! It's all pretty exciting. x)

    Thank you for the Navispam, Navi!

    1. Darnell is pretty tough - remember him carrying that heap of dead bodies on his shoulder?
      I'm glad you found a new home that seems to suit and you're into raiding again! Now I get to read about your raiding adventures too :D


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