Navispam - I've been Tyledrespammed!

I was grouchy.  It was the first day back at work in the new year and I was still on holiday mode. My computer was lagging like anything.  So I was just hanging around in the Valley of the Four winds, TRYING to do my farm (but doing those nasty tentacle weeds when lagging is just shitty) and it was very very slow going.

But then something cool happened.

I got a tell from Tyledres, saying hello!  And it was in PINK.  Which meant that she was on MY server!  I was excited!  I had to laugh when she said "I'm a reader of your blog..." because that's exactly what I say when I am navispamming!  Who is Tyledres?  Well, Tyledres is the author of Frost and Claws, that I started reading when she started visiting my blog.  And, Tyledres is a frequent attendee of JD's Laid Back Raids.  She is the person who has been soloing Razorgore and despite her even writing a post to help me (she actually wrote TWO)I still can't solo it.  I will try again this week.  She said to me during the visit that breaking the control is really important.  But, I digress.

So I rushed off to go see her.  Stuff the farm, I can do that when I'm not lagging.

Look she's a gorgeous blood elf!  In a Loremaster tabard :)  Oh I know that feeling - all my level 1 alts are dressed in a safari hat and that tabard.

Since her visit was like a Christmas present I took it near the Winterveil trees in Silvermoon City.  And then I remembered something I should show her!  I took out my Water Waveling who had awesome frost attacks that I had named after her (because of her blog, Frost and Claws).  I think she liked that.

So!  Poor Tyledres, I already had a toon on her server trying to find her previously, but I never had much luck.  She has too many alts!  I had two friended but you know how hit or miss these things can be.  She came to rescue me on her DK and off we went to visit the Crazy Cat Lady.

PvP servers...  The chat was filled with people attacking the Lion Inn or Goldshire and a PvPed horde hunter from Kil'jaeden was hanging around outside.  My poor wolf died outside from agro - I had thought at first that the horde hunter had killed it, but I wasn't flagged, it was the level 5 mobs that had chased me!  Tyledres had dispatched them easily to ensure my safety.

Then I took out some fancy pets to show Tyledres.  My kites were my favourites, and I showed her my new Baneling and my murlocs.  She showed me the gift that Mr and Mrs Amateur gave her and that was awesome.

We chatted a bit, mostly me being a pest and asking her questions about her blog (and I was lagging a lot so she may have thought I was just not talking much) about pets, about why she came to visit me... mostly she was giving me a tutorial on how to solo Razorgore.  She was thinking about doing a video about it, and I suggested FRAPS.

Thank you Tyledres for visiting, it was such an honour, I was super chuffed!  I know it was a reverse Navispam but it still gets a sticker since we got to meet up and she'll be on the page of bloggers I've met in game!


  1. She turned the table on you! I've been studying her post on Razorgore but haven't tried it yet, we'll see what happens!

  2. I am a very poor student - but I am trying! I will try it again sometime this week. She's a clever one that Tyledres :)

  3. I'm so very glad I was able to say "hello" and I was really surprised to hear you've been trying to track me down. Glad I could make your day a bit better.

  4. Was reading though the patch 5.2 notes and found a little something that reminded me of our visit:
    Pets whose color schemes change each time they are summoned have returned. Older pets with this behavior now have it back, as well as some newcomers.

    Hope this means your Dragon Kite will start changing colors again.

    1. I forgot about how my Dragon Kite wasn't changing colours. Or maybe subconsciously I forgot because I didn't want to sound to whiney... :D But that's good news! Can't wait to have my colour changing kite again!

  5. Sounds like a great visit :) My alts all look like that too - hat and tabard ftw!

    1. The safari hat looks really good on Dwarves!


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