Navispam: I Wannabe like Annabee

I met Anna through Twitter (@notAnna) - I always look to see if people who start following me have a blog, and sometimes they do!  I was very interested to see that Anna wrote a blog called FemTaur - dedicated to the beautiful Female Tauren!

She has lots of outfits on her site, and she also looks at what other Female Taurens are wearing - including NPCs!  Other famous female taurens such as Kamalia frequent her site also, and I was fascinated to see that she was from my previous server, Khadgar.  Anna also is on the forums as Aune.

The first few visits were easy - since I already have old toons there, I just had to pop on and see if any of her guildies were on.  Often they were not.  Which means... they must be American.  Somewhere on the other side of the planet.  So I had to try to get on at the opposite time.

One day I logged in and there were guildies of hers on!  But I had just missed her, and she had gone to bed when I checked her Twitter.  So I sent her a message and hoped for the best.

I tried again some time later, and I was lucky, there was Annabee!!!

I told her it was my old server, and I told her how much I loved how she showcased female taurens!  I decided that if I was going to have real alts, Horde side, I would have all female taurens.

I tried to do a CRZ but it didn't work!!! :( So I had to get my low level troll in the starting area meet the famous Aune :)  And wouldn't you know it, we were happily chatting away about her competition that she had recently on her blog, when my son woke up with a bleeding nose and ruined my navispam!  But, at least I got her battletag so I can now chat to her whenever I like, and ask her all the cow things :)

Doesn't her paladin look absolutely gorgeous??  I want to look like that!  And her druid  Annabee has a lovely set to go with her fan!  Thank you Annabee for letting me visit and chat, and hope to do it again soon.


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