Minipost: #&$% you internet gremlins

I had a lovely post all typed up and I made the mistake of hitting the back button and it deleted it all, and then Blogger decided to SAVE the blank post on top of my original post so here I am staring at a blank page and mad as all hell because I spent AGES fixing all the links and putting all this quest stuff in with pics.. and now Wowhead is broken and I'm going to go and eat some chocolate because I should be sleeping but this blog post has to be written!


Here Navi, some chocolate.  That will give you the energy to start all over again.


  1. I HATE when that happens! But you should eat your chocolate and go to sleep, lol, it's late!

  2. Take a deep breath, exhale. Eat your chocolate. Now plot your revenge against the computer.


  3. It drives me crazy when that happens. One wrong button hit and BAM! it's all gone.
    Chocolate fixes all :)
    Oh I also put up my Scotty post.

  4. I know that feeling. Sorry it happened to you. Have another /hug from me as well...and go gobble down some Reese's Cups. :o)

    Thankfully, on top of that, you didn't have the morning I did. Was reading some of my favorite blogs, took a sip of my coffee and my brain decided it was a good time to have a coughing fit...swallowing my coffee was not an option. Yep, coffee went shooting everywhere. After cleaning up my desk and monitor I then spent the better part of an hour pulling out all the keys on my keyboard so I could get the thing cleaned up and then put back together. (side thought - it's really taxing on your fingertips trying to hold keyboard keys while wiping them off with a wet cloth.)

    And, of course, seeing as how it was around 10am there was absolutely NOTHING good to watch on tv while I cleaned my keyboard and keyboard keys. I got stuck with the 'George of the Jungle' movie.



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