Minipost - Ashamed

Man I'm annoyed at myself!  And ashamed!

I was so excited thinking about raiding tonight.  Was looking forward to trying that 4th boss in HoF again.  Had some ideas I wanted to try (thanks Lyss!) and was feeling pretty happy as I drove home.  I even called Souglyy to say how excited I was to try these new things.

But, I went to put my kids to bed, hubby said he would do it, he got a phone call and went away and didn't come back.  I lay down and cuddled my daughter and told her I would be getting up to play World of Warcraft when daddy came back.  I thought, should I get my phone - nah I'm not sleeping, I'll be getting up soon.

The next time I looked at the clock, it was 945.  HOLY SHIT I FELL ASLEEP.  And I didn't have my phone to wake me up.

I jumped out of bed and rushed downstairs, grabbed my phone and saw all the missed calls and messages. #@&$(!@##w

Calls from Lushnek and Roshii. Messages from Roshii and Fue - Fue's hurt his back and is lying down.  Crap, nobody will know that because he only told ME, and I'm not there.

So I logged on, apologised to my guildies, and felt very shamefaced.  I didn't even want to talk to anyone, I felt so stupid, letting everyone down :(

But maybe the night off was good.  4 days raiding, I still maintain is too much.  But that's no excuse for letting the team down. :( I'm sorry Frosties!!!


  1. All good navi, no need to stress yourself about it


    1. I felt like I wasted everyone's time :(

  2. You're only human! From reading your posts it sounds like you're in a pretty great guild so I'm sure they've already forgiven and forgotten. :) Chin up, it's a new day!!!

    1. Aww, thanks for the kind words brandyflare! Last night everyone told me not to worry but that doesn't stop me berating myself. However, you're right, it's a new day and I have more WoW adventures to look forward to!

  3. It's all good Navi, it gave Rosh and I a chance to level our panda's :) And we still have 2 more raid nights left.


  4. Ouch! I just bit my tongue....


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