Friday PvP

I got woken up by a phone call, and groggily I realised it was Friday PvP day.  Whoops, fell asleep putting the kids to sleep AGAIN.

I logged on and Sev and Shab were already there, and I partied up with them.

"Arenas?" said Shab.  I could hear the hopeful tone from his typing.

I think I was still waking up.  I was smashed in the first few seconds of engagement and didn't get iceblock out.  Whoops.

We seemed to spend the night fighting the same teams.  There was a team which was a mirror of us but they totally kicked our ass.  There was the hunter, shaman, paladin group which eventually we got a strat down and were killing them comfortably.  There was the triple plate group of DK, warrior and paladin which was ugly.  The rest seem to be a bit of blur for me.

I was pretty excited in one arena because I actually got a killing blow! Wrath spam in tree ftw! LOL

It was good because we managed to cap our conquests and I finally could get my weapon.  Gosh it's been AGES since we arena'd and capped.  It was a good feeling.

Shab had some nice opening sequences.  We'd both go over while he was invis and I was stealthed then he would open with a Ring of Frost and then start smashing someone till they blew a trinket and then Sev would rush in and finish them off.  That worked well.

There was one awesome moment when they killed the druid healer so fast I blinked and missed it.  Lucky crits or something, then Sev used his drain executing manoeuvre which makes me angry when I'm the recipient of it, and their team gave up after that.

And have I told you how annoying hunters are?  I have?  Well I'll tell you again! We would try to cc them as much as possible whilst we took out a healer but a hunter is lethal to me with scatter shots, pets and slamming me down from range.  My pole dancing could use work - I often would LOS my own team members.  I had to take to asking them to put raid markers on their heads so I could see them.

I have since taken the regrowth glyph and I actually like it.  It always crits now but has lost the hot part, so it's a great go to spell, I find.  I haven't been using my Typhoon in arenas much and I must make a greater effort to do so.

Shab left after we capped arena points and we did a few BGs, with Dahakha and Aza and Aza's friend Ultra on his monk.  However, all the BGs were awful, and we lost them all.  Sev left as well when Az and Ultra left, just as the queue popped for WSG and I entered, not realising he had left his queue.  Dah went in as well.  At least that was a good game - we won one!  It was a nice 3 cap with a DK FC and enough healers.  Then Dah and I got into a Temple of Kotmogu and we won that as well!  He and I even got the achievement, I've got the power.

I tell you, it's good to have a staff weapon for PvP again.  It just feels right.


  1. Yay for achievements you scary PvP Druid you!

    1. I am totally NOT scary! Just my transmog :D


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