Friday PvP - Queuing with a monk, that's new!

It's PvP night!  Sev was at his parent's place so his mic was a little echoey, but it was good enough for some arenas.  He did have a couple of unstable connections though...

Note to self - I need to do MORE PROPER PILLARING.

Shab was whining about the healer pillaring, and I said I wish I could do that better, but every time I try and pillar, my team runs away from and they die.  Sev said "You only need to pillar when you're being attacked, Nav.  There's no point pillaring when they're focussing ME!"

/grins sheepishly

And I learned something.  It was about Shab's Frozen Orb.  We were in Blade's Edge Arena fighting on the bridge, and we were about to win a match and I noticed his orb heading towards me and then floating behind me... where there was nobody.  That's weird, I thought.  I thought those things go and attack things.

"Why is your Orb doing that?" I asked Shab.
"Oh God, how embarrassing.  I was hoping nobody would notice, I aimed it wrong...."
"Oh, I didn't know you had to direct it, I thought it just attacked things."
"No, you have to send it in the right direction."
I laughed.  That is pretty embarrassing!

The poor druid/warrior/DK team was being farmed by us.  Poor guys, I even apologised to the dead body of the druid.

However, the subtlety rogue in another combo was lethal for Sev.  I started to come out unstealthed for that team so the rogue would get me first, and then the Sev or Shab could save me with some cc.

Then we decided to have a break from arena, and do some BGs.  Sev had dc'd briefly and I hate it when he DCs in arenas.  Dahakha and his arena partner, Necrox, joined us so we had a full team of 5 - a good balance because Necrox could go the tanking spec.  It still seems weird to me to see an undead monk.

Twin Peaks was up first, and I performed poorly because I was being feared a lot and Necrox died and dropped the flag, making me look like the crappiest healer every.  Especially since I'd never met the guy before and he might think "Who is this piece of crap who's supposed to be healing me?"  But we recovered and we won with 2 flags and out of time.

Isle of Conquest was the daily BG and you can't blacklist the daily, so we ended up having 2 games in there. We ended up winning both - and there was quite a fun battle at docks in the second game where we took out the glaives and fought really hard.  I do like a good melee.

Then we had an AV which was a dreadfully long game and turned out to be a loss due to loss of reinforcements.  Tried to do D but our O was pushed back big time because we lost all the graveyards back to the cave.  So then it was 

Shab asked me where Arv was these days - but since Arvash is raiding again and not in the nobody-is-logging-on-at-the-end-of-cata mode, he hasn't been PvPing and I am not sure he has gear.  But Dahakha seems pretty keen and it was nice to have tank, heal, DPS combo for flag BGs.

So, Dah, same time next Friday? :)


  1. It was fun to win some traditionally lost causes (IoC and almost got AV) but I was getting very sick of being dogpiled by 58 different cc's when I went to get our flag in Twin Peaks. I think Blizz needs to do something about chained cc, it was disgustingly bad in arenas too - when I get stunned -> feared -> silenced/spelllocked -> stunned again -> killed ALL BY THE SAME WARRIOR, it is just not fun. Especially when my only defensive cd is barkskin.....

    I'd like to see a 3-5 second immunity to cc introduced when you use the trinket to successfully break a cc. I think it would promote more strategic use of cc rather than blowing all of them at the start.

    Unfortunately I lose my internets in a couple of days so I won't be back until Feb. I guess you'll just have to kick arse without me.

    1. Miss you Dah! Can't wait till you have net again :)

  2. Lol, what's funny is that I was trying to make space in my already-filled-to-the-brim bank and I saw my Season 11 gear sitting sadly in the corner and didn't realize how long it had been since I last PvP'd. I did enter the Temple of Kotmogu once....only to /love a Dancing Water Skimmer to finish the To All the Squirrels I Once Caressed? achievement, lol. I need to get back into PvP, I really miss it, especially doing it with you guys. =)

    Pet Battles....that's what I'll blame my lack of PvP on. Oh, and I blame Sorak too.


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