For the Love of PvP

Poor Thunderspank, he was sick.  He was having the day off, and his young one was sick as well.  He logged onto World of Warcraft - for what reason I am not sure - and he was immediately greeted with an enthusiastic hello from me.

Thunderspank knows I am bummed that we haven't PvPed with him for ages - the best chance I had to cross times with him was a Friday afternoon when I had it off.  So I was excited to see him logging in at my playtime (11pm East Coast Australia time) and I asked him "PvP?"  And he said yes!

LOL, it sounds like I was proposing to him or something :P  All I needed was a ring.

And who has perfect timing?  Shabadu logs on just after I queue for a BG.

"Ooh, can I just grab Shab?"
I said to Shab that Thunderspank is on, did he want to join us for PvP?
Shab instantly logged from D3 and reappeared in WoW and off we went.
"Randoms? Do you need the conquest, Thunder? Me and Shab are capped."
"I haven't capped conquest for weeks. I've just been doing rated BGs with friends."
"Well, I'm partial to Silvershard Mines and Arathi Basin...." I said.a
"AB's good," said Shab.
"Not a Strand fan?" asked Thunder.
"I don't like vehicle BGs," said Shabadu.

So we queued a random first.  Fingers crossed, and we ended up getting a Gilneas. Cool.  We said we'd go to Waterworks.

A group of 5 headed to Waterworks.  I was the second person there behind Thunder.  Alliance were already on the flag.  I typhooned them off.  And then we were fighting for our lives.  Shadowpriest was dotting me up.  Warlocks were fearing.  I don't know where the other healer was, I was trying to keep Thunder and Shab up.  Shab was putting Ring of Frosts for me to hide in and I noobfired whomever I could but mana was getting tight.  There was an opening... I took it.  I started to cap the flag.  Keep that shadow priest occupied.... don't let them dot me.... 1 second left... Navimie has assaulted the Waterworks!

Phew!  We had mines, they had Lighthouse, and now we were ahead.  People had left and were heading to Lighthouse.  Alliance was rallying and heading to Mines.  Mines was uncapped... shiiiiiit.   But within 10 seconds Lighthouse was uncapped by us.  I was killed at waterworks but rezzed at Lighthouse and Shab was there so we kept each other company fending off a stubborn warrior who seemed to think he could take the two of us on.  And we held 2 to 1 for the whole game for a comfortable win.

I queued for mines and AB and AB popped so we went in.  There must have been a group of friends in our AB because they said that the 5 of them would be going to Lumber Mill, so everyone go somewhere else.  We did our standard gold mine opening and the lone alliance who was heading there ran away after he saw a group of 5 Horde bearing down on GM.  I capped the flag and Thunder exclaimed "BS!" and raced off.  Horde had 3 caps to 2 and Alliance came to take farm, but we took stables.  Lumber mill must have had an intense battle because it was a while before it capped - Alliance had wiped them.  I was yawning a little on guard duty, stealthed up on the ridge but it wouldn't stay quiet for long.  I had company, and I called for help and the horde descended on the invaders and outed them.  It was probably more exciting from Shab and Thunder's POV, as they were out and about fighting.

Towards the end of the battle a lone warrior appeared and I took him on after I called for help.  Nobody arrived, but I held my own against that poor warrior, who was probably annoyed at my healing and tiny little moonfire bites at him.  1 minute, nobody came.  1 minute is a LOOOONG time.  I tried to ask for help in BG chat again, but it came out one word at a time as I was busy trying to avoid being killed and keep the alliance off the flag.  A second alliance appeared.  Oh shit.
"Help! Mines!" I said to Shab and Thunder.
"On my way," said Shab.
"The game's nearly over," said Thunder.
Shab arrived just in time to get one off me and he killed the warrior.  And then we won.
"You had that warrior at 50% Nav," said Shab.
"It took me forever to get him there though," I said.  "Thanks for coming to save me."

Time for a change.  Thunder can be FC and I can heal him so I chose WSG.  In we went, and we had some very agro shadow priests in that BG.
"We only have one healer.  That sucks.  They're going to win," whined the shadow priest.
I ignored him.  Gates opened and off we ran. A resto shaman joined the BG.  Yay I wasn't the only healer.  Thunder picked up the flag and he reassured me he FCs in non tank spec for non rateds without issues.  OK cool.  So we went to the roof, and the shaman came as well.  The shadowpriest started cursing at all of us for not attacking the EFC.  I whispered the shaman that I was fine and if he wanted to heal the offense that would be cool.  He left and 30 secs later and then Thunder and I had incoming and I forgot my camera angle was facing backwards, and I stepped forwards... OFF the roof.  Holy CRAP!
"Thunder JUMP!" I said in party, as I watched his health plummeting.
"Jumping," and he was down, and I healed him back up as we were swarmed with at least 3 alliance.  They focussed me and I was down, just as our flag was returned.  Instantly it was picked up.  The priest started swearing at us... sigh.  I will not be goaded and I just ignored him. 
Someone else grabbed the flag and I healed them and that was a cap.  Phew.  Thunder grabbed another one and I healed him and we capped.   Yay!

Alliance was on to us now and I was getting focussed.  We managed to hold on to win by default making that a nice trifecta for the night.

Thunder's kid was up and sick, so he had to AFK, and it was late for me and Shab, so I logged off but not before Shab said "I wish we hadn't been conquest capped.  That would have been an awesome run."
"Yeah," I said.  "A shame we were also honour capped too."

Ah well.  No points for us for those two wins, but it's for the love of the game, right? :D And Thunderspank was happy too, I think.
You're pretty awesome too, Thunderspank :)  Thanks for the games!



  1. Yeah, that whingy shadow priest was pretty annoying. Especially when he started blaming you guys and being negative. Nice to shut them up with a win. Wished we didn't start so late!

    1. We couldn't do anymore after that anyway so it was probably just right in the end. It was a good night!!


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