Boomkin Tier Shoulders look very Resto

I was doing LFR on Tuesday and was lucky enough to have Tier shoulders drop.  I went to Townlong Steppes to have a look at the Tier and I noticed that the stats were BETTER on the moonkin Tier then on the resto Tier.

Look at that!  Those Boomkins have all the stuff I want - more spirit and mastery!  Why, I lamented to myself, WHY???

I looked for a druid to whinge to.  Oh look, Ambermist is on!  I will whinge to her.

Navimie: Why is it that boomkin Tier gear has better stats than resto?
Ambermist: LOL, because secretly all restos want to be boomkin
Navimie: I am tempted to get boomkin shoulders just because the stats are nicer, and poop to the set bonus!
Ambermist: If it makes you feel any better, a lot of boomkin put resto in their offset last xpac
Navimie: You get more spirit and mastery, and I get crit, BLEH!
Ambermist: The funny thing about that is that mastery is exactly what I don't want
Navimie: Crit is the only thing I don't want.  I don't mind haste or mastery but no crit please!
Ambermist: LOL, and crit is my best stat between haste break points. We should just trade our gear!

Déjà vu... I am having flashbacks to a time when there was a similar situation, in a previous Tier.  It might have been gloves.  And I ended up taking the boomkin gloves.

So, what should I do this time?

I am currently using Spaulders of the Divided Mind, which is a 489 item, so it does have better stats.  However, an upgraded version of the Boomkin shoulders would be very similar to it. So, what I would recommend is you are a boomy who offspecs resto, use these shoulders!  As a resto druid, you would probably benefit from the Tier set bonus and taking this without your set bonus might be a bit of a hit.  However, it's a good substitute if you have the other 4 pieces as your set.

But where does that leave me?  I've decided that I will NOT redeem them yet.  I'll just keep them in the bank until I have 4 pieces and then make my 4 piece set.  But damn, I'm tempted.  I went to look up what my druid heroes are wearing...

Beruthiel is sporting resto tier shoulders, and with 4 Tier pieces except helm and she is running at
3056 haste
8943 spirit
18485 spellpower
4709 mastery
11.88% crit.

Jasyla is wearing Spaulders of the Divided Mind, with 4 Tier pieces and she is running at
3190 haste,
6947 spirit,
17372 spellpower,
4640 mastery
13.33% crit.

Juvenate has also got resto tier shoulders, with 4 Tier pieces except cheset, and he is running at
3070 haste
8800 spirit
16270 spellpower
4080 mastery
11.01% crit

So the conclusion?  I should be wearing Tier shoulders.  Alrighty then.  I think I'll just wait until I get my 4th Tier piece and then I'll do it.  For now I'll just put it nicely into the corner of my bank, in the first bag.


  1. If you like the stats better on the boomkin shoulders why don't you use that as the off-piece and use the other two as the 4P bonus?

    1. I only have 2 pieces at the moment. And I don't have tier shoulders yet, just gloves and helm.

  2. Secret moonkin society, starting today. You're welcome to join us. We won't tell... :-P


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