A Frostwolves Farewell to 2012

Dear guildies,

Can you believe the year is gone already?  And we are sitting on our butts, not raiding!  What the hell!  We have bosses to kill!

Taking a walk down memory lane, here's what we did last year...

  • Wow we were doing 25 man Dragon Soul - attempting Ultraxion!
  • But it wasn't long before we split into 2 10 mans
  • Aza managed to get his Dragonwrath!
  • Shift tried to ninja Souglyy
  • Woo I was happy I got the hang of healing Heroic Yor'sahj - and wrote a post on it which was surprisingly very popular
  •  Heroic Ultraxion down
  • Frostwolves meetup in Sydney
  • Heroic Zon'ozz and Hagara down
  • Roshii got his Legendary daggers - Fangs of the Father
  • Lushnek got his Dragonwrath!
  • Transmog competition on our server where our guildies dominated the ranks
  • Wiping on Heroic boat starts to get old... though we have killed it a few times
  • Romance was happening in the guild...
  • But raiding was dying and we stopped raiding
  • Chibi fever!
  • Mini guild meetup in Brisbane
  • A few of us started trying more rated BGs
  • Raiding starting again with patch 5.0.4
  • Heroic Spine down at last! And heroic Madness!  Our first clear of current content heroic ever.
  • Hyad resubscribed yay!
  • Here comes Pandaria - Mists was released.
  • Server firsts from Fue x 2.  What. The. Hell.
  • Raiding in Mists already!  So far 4 down in Mogu'shan Vaults
  • Bye Nabe :(

  • Hmm, lots of pet battles here.  LOTS. Probably something to do with 5.1 and all those new raid pets!
  • Vizier down in Heart of Fear
  • Mogu'shan Vaults cleared
  • Blade Lord down in Heart of Fear
Here's to another year of raiding, fun and being Frostwolves!  <3 br="br">