#500 pets again and the Awesomeness of Veluxia

I don't know if anyone has noticed but Battle.net seems to not count one pet. I am not sure what pet is missing but Pet Journal Enhanced shows number of Unique pets and that also matches up with my Warcraft Pets profile.

So, while I was celebrating 500 pets, Blizzard says I only have 499.

I logged on yesterday before raid and Veluxia whispered me:
"Are you busy right now?"
"No," I replied.  "What's up?"
"General Temuja is up on Barthilas."
OMG, I have been looking for him for ages.

So Veluxia invited me to party on Luxypie her hunter, and we went to kill General Temuja.  I was pretty excited.  I wasn't the only one killing him!  There were a few people there killing him, and I wondered if they were all killing him for the achievement.  Which I got yesterday.

"Thank you Veluxia!" I cried.  "Hey, how did you know I needed that?  Did I tell you...?"
":P I was stalking you on armory," replied Veluxia.
"LOL you're too clever," I said.  "Thank you SOOOO much, I've needed that one for ages!"
"And check your mailbox," said Veluxia.
o.O what had she sent me?

I went to back to the Horde Hotel and checked my mailbox and what do I see...

A mail from Luxypie.

"How do you send me mail from Barthilas?" I asked her, but as soon as I hit enter, I realised she had made a low level toon Horde side on Dath'remar.
"Luxypies are everywhere!!!" she replied.
And guess what was in that letter..

... a Gundrak hatchling.

Navi: "OMG!  WHERE DID U GET THIS?" My hands were shaking in excitement, as I collected my pet from the mail.  "I have been looking everywhere for one!  I'm sick to death of Zul'Drak!  I even check all the AHs of my toons that have gold to see if there's one but I've never seen it."
Veluxia: "It was on the AH."
Navi: "Really?  I didn't see it!  Oh, must have been Alliance side."
Veluxia: "No, it was horde side."
Navi: "How did I miss that?"
Veluxia: "MY Horde side!  Barthilas!"

Ohhhh right.  LMAO!  Silly me.

"Congratulations on your 500th pet!" said Veluxia. "I saw you didn't have one and I thought, EVERYONE should have a Gundrak Hatchling."

What an awesome gesture!  Thank you so much Veluxia!


  1. So glad you love it! :D

    General Temuja was one of the last ones I got I think, the one that eluded me the longest was Huo-Shuang. /shakes fist at him I spent many days spamming OpenRaid chat to find a server that had him!

    And the Horde Hotel... Everytime I play Luxypie, I fly to the Alliance city. Everytime! Last night when we finished at General Temuja, I was paying attention... cause I had already flown in there about an hour earlier!

  2. Grats! Now I can stop searching for it in the AH.

    1. Thank you for all the time you spent trying to find it for my Cym :)

  3. That was so nice of Veluxia, congratulations on your Hatchling!

    1. I feel so lucky to have such wonderful friends in WoW :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Lyss! I'm so stoked! I better tell Arv to stop looking on the Drak AH as well.

  5. Replies
    1. It's kind of like being 21 again :D

  6. Hitting 500 a second time... I think there's a wrinkle in the Time-Space continuum!

    1. I have a special wormhole just for me....

  7. That is wonderful!! And what kind of idiot would go to the wrong place? Sheesh Navi you should hang out with smarter people!

  8. But then I won't get as many laughs!

  9. Replies
    1. I meant Navi! I can't type!

    2. HAHAHA! I didn't even notice it said NAZI LMAO!


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