Wednesday raiding - The tale of two offtanks

I didn't think I'd be able to raid.  I turned up at 9pm again - kids, you know.  I thought oh well, at least I can do my dailies.

Then I get a tell from Fue asking what I need.  I said that I needed the belt from the dogs in MSV but other than that, didn't really need anything.  Next thing you know, I had a raid invite.  Voe was sitting out for me.

Fue wanted to sit out so it was Tout and Raked tanking, and we had 2 hunters.  Lush and Aza were there, as well as Moo and Roshii.  Bish was my healing buddy.

Dogs started off messy and we wiped a couple of times before we finally got it done with a pretty decent kill and no deaths.  Unfortunately SOMEONE forgot to bring their dog out so the others could get their dog achievement (/coughs at the Boomkin).  Then on to Feng and both Tout and Raked were usually offtanks so Tout did the main tank role and it took him a while to get the hang of it, but he got it in the end.  Raked was pretty slick at his role, I was pretty impressed.  But then, that's what he normally does so he'd better be good at it, right?

On to Gara'jal and boy was I a stuff up - I caused one wipe because I didn't get into the totem after I came straight out of one, so that sucked.  Bish missed one too on the next attempt.  However, healing wasn't too bad in the end and we finished that off.

Spirit kings was more amusing.  Raked was tanking it, and we started off stealthing in the AOE stealth for the pull and then we pulled and Raked was moving the boss everywhere and we couldn't keep up!  And people were behind the boss as well so the damage to the others standing in front was heavy.  But we got it down not long after that.  Poor Aza, he was trying to kite the skull thing and Lushnek was trying to help by typhooning it away but Az had turned around then and Lush kept pushing the skull back into Aza. 

Agility stuff dropped!  I even picked up an offspec neck since nobody wanted it.

All in all it wasn't too bad, and I wonder what it will be like to do Elegon.  Maybe I'll get to see it this time....


  1. Sorry your belt didn't drop. :(

    Elegon is a tad bit crazy for heals from what I understand.

    Good luck!

    1. I've only attempted it but not killed it. Dunno if my heals can keep up...


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