Sunday raiding - Blade Lord Ta'yak down!

I was happy that I could make raid tonight, having missed the full clear of MSV on Wednesday and Thursday.  They were trying the second boss of Heart of Fear and wanted 3 healers - hey I fit that bill!

Blade Lord Ta'yak has essentially 2 phases and the mechanic is interesting.  In the first phase he puts out a cyclone in regular intervals so you have to avoid that, and it starts to get really crowded after a while.  He also does Unseen Strike, which remind me of Moroes' garotte ability (Karazhan), where he targets someone, then everyone needs to stack on that person to share the cone damage that he does on that person.  There was a bit of confusion to whether you stand in front of or behind the person but then Az pointed out you can actually see the boss sneaking up on them so then you can position accordingly.  I just stood on the person it was easier.  Bummy thing was that when he does that cone attack you get knocked back and getting knocked back into a cyclone sucks ass!

So once we get that bit down it's the windy tunnel bit and avoiding more cyclones - like the last boss in Gate of the Setting sun.  And you take a lot of damage so it's in your best interest to get their ASAP!  I did something dumb and tried to tranq at the beginning but that meant I got left behind because everyone else got stampeding roar and ran away.  But a few more attempts after that, we got it!  So that was pretty exciting.

So yay!  I got to be there for a new kill, and get a pic too!  Mail legs and cloth wrists were the drops so grats to winners!


  1. Grats! Boo no resto druid loot!

    We almost have it down 8% grrr!

    But 3 healing it? How was that? I am curious cause we were 2 healing it. How many unseen strikes did the raid have to take?

    1. I think it was like... 7? but I'm not sure.

  2. also...lots of druids in that group!

    But no pandas!!!! T-T


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