Overpowered Pets Will get their Upcommance!

Mumper said that pets were made to be balanced, that there is no one pet that is awesome against heaps of others.  However, pets do change over with patches and I am wondering if some pets may get a smack with the nerfbat.  All images here are from Warcraftpets.com.

Look at L'il Tyragosa. Sev swears there were nerfs to her but I can't seem to find information on that anywhere.  He is adamant that Surge of Power had been nerfed!

As with most dragonkin she does pretty decent damage, but I tend to prefer dragonkin with a Tail Sweep, and I like my Dragons to have more attack power and less speed so they can get that extra hit in.

She does have a lot of magic damage spells, so great for those annoying flyers, with the strength of the dragonkin class.
The Fluxfire Feline also does an amazing amount of damage.  I came across one in a PvP battle the other day.  It one shot my Dark Whelpling and then one shot my Amethyst Spider, probably using Windup and Supercharge with Pounce.  But damn!  So I would recommend these for pet battles, if you have a rare!

I haven't managed to catch a rare one, I was hoping for a Battle Stone.  However, I have never had a mechanical stone drop for me, but when I do, this will be the first little fella that I upgrade!

Chrominius is also a very powerful pet.  With a Howl and Surge of Power, that would hurt.  However, with a well timed avoidance move, you might be ok.  Aza was showing it to me but I think I'll have to level it myself to see what kind of damage it does.

A hear a lot about what people's favourite pets are.  Some pets which are really popular include Crabs and Snails - those snails are critters but have strong water attacks.  And I've been surprised how much I use my moth.  Pretty good with the Moth Dust and Cocoon Strike.

My favourite pets that I seem to always use are:
Beast: Spiders - Brittle webbing + Leech Life is awesome
Critter: Snail - Ooze touch and Dive are great attacks for a critter!
Dragonkin: Dark Whelpling because I like the combination of Call Darkness to reduce healing, Tail Sweep and Lift Off.  I do also use my Nexus Whelpling a bit because Mana Surge is a really great spell (and it has a Tail Sweep)
Humanoid: Flayer hatchling and Gregarious Grell are my favourites.  The Grell has an avoidance and a heal which is useful.  I hardly use humanoids though these days.
Magic: Nordrassil Wisp and Ooze Slimeling.  The Wisp is not strong but its avoidance is awesome. The Ooze does lots of damage.
Elemental: Venus because I like its heal (Plant) and its Stun Seed.  I'm also liking the Water Waveling.
Mechanical: I only have my Clockwork Gnome but you can guess what's the next one I want levelled!
Aquatic: Eternal strider because of Pump and heal, and I like my crabs too with their whirlpool and heal.
Flying: Blue Moth, with Moth Dust and Cocoon Strike.
Undead: Scourged Whelpling for its Dreadful Breath, Call Darkness and Tail Swipe.

So what does everyone else like best?


  1. I like using:

    Celestial Dragon - Roar plus Moonfire under Moonlight can do some major damage. Plus Ancient Blessing under Moonlight can heal for a good chunk.

    Kun-Lai Runt - Rampage is pretty awesome taking out critters. If you're lucky and can get the procs to fall your way, Frost Shock > Deep Freeze > Takedown can pretty much kill anything.

    And like you, I use the Oily Slimeling and Rapana Whelk for their bonus critter and elemental damage, respectively. These guys are always useful against the Pandaren Spirit Tamers.

    1. Damn but I don't have a rare Kun-Lai runt. I must be the only serious battler who doesn't have one! I have never had a beast stone drop either...

  2. Hmm, I need a backup Mechanical. I keep using Clockwork Gnome because I like the way he yells all the time. I know, I know, shouldn't use them just cause I think they're funny. Will have to investigate that Fluxfire Feline, don't have a rare though.

    I also love my Kun-Lai Runt, my Water Striders are great and my Sea Gull is not bad either. My Peddlefeet is pretty fragile but man can he put out the damage against those Dragons if he stays alive!

    1. I like my Seagull too. Oooh, Peddlefeet? Never tried that one yet!

  3. Who do you use against the 3-Dragonkin team trainer? I did not have many guys leveled... but he kills me so fast with his dragon attacks... I had the Clockwork Gnome, the Winter Bear and a Slime... but they get like 1 shot at level 25 against these darn dragons.. Best fight I was able to give them was killing 2 of them before they won!! Curses!

    1. When I first battled them I used my Clockwork Gnome, Gregarious Grell and Oily Slimeling I think. But now I use my Dark Whelpling, Flayer Hatchling and a spider or a low level that I'm trying to super level.

  4. Hmm... I do have a rare fluxfire kitty that I got and I thought I'd level instead of my crab. Not that it matters much since my highest pet is currently stalled at level 16. Guess I'll see if I can squeeze a few more levels out of them once my druid finally hits 90.

  5. I still use my Green Fluxfire and the damage he puts out is good enough for many battles, even tho he isn't a rare. Don't write him off until you have tried him. Clockwork Gnome plus Kitty plus random low-level pet for leveling pets works a treat 8/10 times.

    1. I haven't levelled mine yet but I think I will try. However, I do most of my battling out in Pandaland, but I think you have inspired me. I'll just have to remember not to get him too high in case I ever get a stone...


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