OMG a Lumpy!!! - have I used up all my pet luck now?

It was just before raid time and I quickly went to do my Greench before raid.  I actually learned something new!

I thought I was so smart, saving time by going straight to Undercity and then flying to Hillsbrad but when I got there I realised... crap, I forgot to pick up the quest!

Maybe one of these nice people who are standing around the Greench can party with me and share the quest.  Actually, I'm not even sure you can do that over Cross realm zones.

So I whispered someone from another server who was standing there waiting, wondering if they would mind partying with me and sharing the quest.  No response, for a long while.  So I went to ask Faithy if she could get to Org and party with me to share the quest, when the CRZ person replied me and said "You can go get it from the snowman in the trees."

Snowman in the trees?

OH WOW, there was a Strange snowman here who gave the quest!  Now that makes it a whole heap easier!  He's off hiding in the trees within view of the cave.

Then I killed the Greench and went back to hand in, and I got distracted by something and forgot all about my present.

Then it was during raid when I looked in my bag, I realised I had a gift there, and I opened it and found my Lump of Coal!

That was way cool.  Or maybe it was way hot.  Either way it was way awesome.

Can you believe it?  I couldn't believe it.  How lucky have I been so far?  And wouldn't you know, I went out to do my pet battles and landed yet ANOTHER fire elemental.  3 so far!  So I gifted that to another friend.

So yay!  Another pet down.

Edit:  And tonight?  Another Earth elemental. What. the. hell.


  1. Yay for Lumpy! Oh no, I was in Hillsbrad looking for that libram and though oh, I can't do the quest I forgot to pick it up so I left. From now on I'll know better!

    Grats on all your pet luck!

  2. I keep telling you to go do it! Now you have no excuse!

  3. Did someone say a pet?

    And grats on your coal! Bad Navi! JK

    Naviclaus ftw

  4. Grats on your pile of sh-...I mean Lumpy, lol!

    1. Haha how did you know that I called it that!

    2. Haha how did you know that I called it that!


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