Navispam - Oh Sil, there you are!

I asked Sil (of Girls Gone WoW) if I could come visit, and she said she was off all Monday.  Fantastic!!!  So I went to where all the other GGW cast was and waited for her.  I asked one of EJ's guildies if Sil was online, and they politely said she wasn't and she's not on their Real ID so they couldn't see if she was on an alt.  I thanked them and off I went to Twitter to find Sil who was busy tweeting about Vampires on TV or something.  In the meantime I went looking for another elusive person I wanted to Navispam.

I asked where she was, she tweeted she was here.  So I went to get a drink and came back and sat down again.  I logged in again, and I checked EJ's guild and whispered the same person again by accident, who started to get a little suspicious of my stalker like activity and politely told me that I had already asked them and that I was acting like a stalker and that they could not give me any more information, sorry.  I thought that was really good of them - what a great protective guild who protects from unwarranted attention!  However, it was a bit embarrassing to me as I was acting like a stalker and now I was wondering what to do.

So back onto Twitter and that bloody Sil..

So she came and rescued me from the unwanted stalker status and now we can take some piccies!

I was still up above Ironforge where EJ and Rob left me.  I scolded her for letting everyone think I wa a stalker and then we talked about unwelcome guests.  She wasn't in the same guild as the others, but she had alts there.  I even told her why I made a gnome - the pink hair is awesome and NO, I still don't think a gnome druid would be awesome..

I mean honestly, it would be kitten form, sapling form, cub form and sparrow form....

Oh, and Sil didn't have a flying mount to get me down, so I took the only route left...

Goodbye cruel world....

That mistiness makes for lousy screenshots.  But Sil was sad but thank god she can Rez :)

That cheeky sleazy night elf woman was rubbing herself up against Father Winter, showing him just how naughty and nice she can be.  Pictures don't do it justice, you really need a video.

You know, I don't think anyone's taken me for a ride in an Alliance Hogger before!  The horde one is a lot less gold and shiny.

Look we're twins!  Now who wouldn't want cute little gnomes like us for Christmas.

Sil showed me the wonderful gifts she got from her GGW co-hosts.  I asked her my burning silly question: "Why is Rob called Roblin?  Is he some sort of Goblin?" and she told me that it was related to a goblin incident!  Then I said that if I get to go on the show again I will be much more talkative coz I hopefully won't be sick as a dog and I can be my usual charming and engaging self!

It was very late and I was starting to fade a little and Sil chased me off to bed.  That cheeky Dane was going to Ninjalog to make me go to bed!!!  Of all the sneaky things to do! 

Tot ziens Sil!!!  That was fun!


  1. LOL! Yeah, you have to watch out for those Night Elves, they get into all kinds of cheeky business!


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